This past weekend I went to see the Founder, a movie about the man behind the origins of McDonald’s fast food empire staring Michael Keaton.

★ ★ ★ SPOILER ALERT★ ★ ★ Be advised this post describes some scenes from the movie.

The movie is based on a true story and about the life of Ray Kroc, a struggling salesman from Illinois. Ray met two brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation during the 1950’s in Southern California. continue reading

Monday has often been considered the worst day of the week.  So today I have complied a list of my top 10 Monday motivational videos by Mateusz M to help you kick start your work week and hopefully inspire you to do more! Sometimes we all just need a little motivational!

Who is Mateusz M?

All I know about Mateusz M is that he a 21 year old film producer from Lublin, Poland. continue reading

Need some motivation today? Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever been told you would never be anything or you would never make it?

Well today, I want to share with you the incredible transformation of Arthur Boorman.

This is certainly a heart warming story of inspiration that is a must SHARE with your family, friends and co-workers! So Share this on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter…TODAY! continue reading

Maybe you have heard of her maybe you haven’t, but today I want to talk give you my top 3 reasons why I love Mimi G and Mimi G Style!

Who Is Mimi Goodwin?

NAME: Mimi Goodwin (Mimi G)
AGE: 39
BORN: Puerto Rico, [Raised in Chicago]

RESIDES: Omaha Nebraska with her husband and children.
EDUCATION: Graduated from Roberto Clemente High School (Chicago) in 94; Attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) Los Angeles, 1999-2001.
LANGUAGES: Spanish continue reading

I know that all of you were saddened to learn this week of the death of one of our most hardworking members — Someone Else.

Someone Else’s passing created a vacancy that will be difficult to fill.  Else has been with us for many years, and for every one of those years the level of his caring and commitment was highly evident. continue reading

At the first sight of her husband’s flag-draped casket, Katherine Cathey broke into uncontrollable sobs, finding support in the arms of Major Steve Beck.

When Beck first knocked on her door in Brighton, Colorado, to notify her of her husband’s death, she glared at him, cursed him, and refused to speak to him for more than an hour. Over the next several days, he helped guide her through the grief. By the time they reached the tarmac, she wouldn’t let go. continue reading