Monday has often been considered the worst day of the week.  So today I have complied a list of my top 10 Monday motivational videos by Mateusz M to help you kick start your work week and hopefully inspire you to do more! Sometimes we all just need a little motivational!

Who is Mateusz M?

All I know about Mateusz M is that he a 21 year old film producer from Lublin, Poland.

Mateusz M

Mateusz M joined YouTube in November, 2011 and at the time of this post, has over 105 million views and 577 thousand subscribers.  He has only produced 20 motivational videos to date!

mateusz m

Mateusz M has the personal mantra,


“I want the world to be better because I was here”. Mateusz M

Mateusz M has definitely discovered how to tap into the power of the universal messages that bind humanity together.

Here is a list of my favorite top 10 motivational videos by Mateusz M!

10. Born in Darkness

9. Awakening

8. Vision

7. Desire

6. Hero

5. Unstoppable

4. Unbroken

3. Dream

2. Resiliency

1. Why Do We Fall

I hope you enjoyed the…

Top 10 Monday Motivational Videos By Mateusz M

Have a great Monday and rest of the week!

To Your Success!
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