If you are reading this post your are probably interested in learning more about MLM Gateway.

Well you are in luck because in this MLM Gateway Review I am going to share with you enough details so that you make an informed decision on whether or not to use this platform!

Please understand that I research and try to provide an accurate assessment on every company, product/service and compensation plan I review and this MLM Gateway Review is no exception.

Let’s begin, shall we?

COMPANY NAME: Gateway Solutions s.r.o operates in the Czech Republic 
INDUSTRY: Network Marketing
COST: Basic membership: Free Premium membership: $24.95 month
WEBSITE: mlmgateway.com
REACH: Global

What is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is basically a membership website designed for network markers but can be used by entrepreneurs in other niches.

The MLM Gateway website can also be used as a lead generation platform by connecting with other network marketers that may be looking for a  business opportunity.

To learn more about getting new leads read, how to get leads for network marketing using MLM Gateway

What does it cost?

You can sign up for FREE and start making connections today!

If you choose to upgrade to a premium membership that will cost you $24.95 a month.

Of course premium members get more perks like a lot more profile views  which in turn provides more attention to their business

….plus you get:

  • 50 free credits each month
  • listing on the Featured Professionals page
  • unhidden members interested in your business opportunity
  • premium badge shown in the member list
  • website link on the profile page
  • video embedded on the profile page
  • profile page with updates, website link and social networks visible to all members and website visitors
  • no ads shown on the profile page and business announcements
  • profile views statistics
  • 10 credits for each approved announcement instead of 5
  • 15 credits for each registered referral instead of 10

What are the benefits of joining?

The MLM Gateway website list the following benefits:

The best feature about the MLM Gateway platform is the ability to target people that may be interested in your business opportunity by country, city, and region/state.

By having the ability to engage a target audience you can keep from spending your time and money contacting people that are not interested in what you have to offer.

What is the BEST way to use MLM Gateway?

I personally have found that if you use MLM Gateway to build relationships you will go much further than just promoting your business or product/service.

Making new friends or connections in a community of fellow network marketers and entrepreneurs is a very good reason to become a member of MLM Gateway.

Unfortunately most network marketers don’t understand the importance of building relationships and making new connections.

On MLM Gateway the way you make new connections is to send partnership requests… sort of like add me as a friend feature on Facebook.

You can start sending partnership request to other members right after you sign up but it will require credits.

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

What are credits and how do I get them?

Credits are used to communicate and connect with other members using the MLM Gateway message form.

The recipient of the partnership request can choose whether to respond to the sender or not.

Credits are also used for advertising on the platform.

There are only two ways to get credits, either you earn them or buy them.

You can earn credits by 1) referring other members to the platform using your referral link and 2) writing business announcements.

NOTE: You will receive 5 credits upon signing up. Get an additional 5 credits by clicking here.

If you refer other members and they join you will receive 10 credits and they will receive 5 credits!

If you write a business announcement, (like a blog post or press release) you can earn 5 credits, however premium members receive 10 credits.

The more credits you earn the longer you can keep your free membership going and still take advantage of the platform.

Is my personal information safe on MLM Gateway?

Yes, your email address and phone number are hidden from other members.

Your email address is only shared when you send a partnership request to another member or you accept a connect invitation.

What is the MLM Gateway affiliate program?

To earn commissions on MLM Gateway you must be a Gateway Affiliate which happens automatically when you sign up (the accounts are linked).

As a Gateway affiliate you will earn commissions from anyone you refer that joins MLM Gateway.

When your referral makes a purchase of credits or upgrades to Premium membership, you receive from 35% to 50% commission to your Affiliate Account.

Your referral is permanently coded to you so you will receive lifetime commissions from their purchases.

How to get paid ?

Commissions are based on the volume of purchases made by their referrals in a month.

So the more your referrals purchase the higher your commissions.

When you refer someone to MLM Gateway you get high lifetime commissions, professional looking website, and high conversions.

To learn more about commissions visit this page

If you want to make more money through your website you should promote MLM Gateway as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

I have been a member of MLM Gateway since June 2016 and have never had any issues.

The #1 reason why you should join MLM Gateway and why you should become a premium member….

…to create an additional income stream by referring other network marketers or affiliate marketers to MLM Gateway and encouraging them to join for FREE, then upgrade to Premium.

To take full advantage of this platform the best strategy is to send as many partnership requests as you can in order to build relationships with other network marketers.

Remember people in direct sales or network marketing are always looking for ways to reach new people with their business opportunities.

you-decideIn my opinion MLM Gateway is a membership site that can be used to generate leads for your network marketing business or to create an additional income stream.

MLM Gateway gives people struggling to find prospects an opportunity to contact people interested in network marketing and direct sales in order to build their business.

The decision to join or not join MLM Gateway is entirely up to you!

BUT if you decide to join through me >>CLICK HERE<< I’ll help you get started and show you how to quickly leverage MLM Gateway to put some money in your pocket!

To Your Success!
charles lenoir