Maybe you have heard of her maybe you haven’t, but today I want to talk give you my top 3 reasons why I love Mimi G and Mimi G Style!

Who Is Mimi Goodwin?

mimi g styleNAME: Mimi Goodwin (Mimi G)
AGE: 39
BORN: Puerto Rico, [Raised in Chicago]

RESIDES: Omaha Nebraska with her husband and children.
EDUCATION: Graduated from Roberto Clemente High School (Chicago) in 94; Attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) Los Angeles, 1999-2001.

quoteI am a thirty something year old mother of 6, so finding time to be a mom, a wife, and a designer is a lot of work, but its what I was meant to do.” Mimi

Mimi G is a wife, mother, consultant and stylist. She is also the creator of a popular Fashion, Lifestyle, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) blog entitled

What’s really cool is that Mimi Goodwin’s original foray into the fashion world started as a self-taught seamstress at the early age of 12, which culminated with her own ready-to-wear runway show in spring 2010. It was then that Goodwin’s fashion consciousness and direction took a turn down a different path, as she recognized that women want ready-to-wear that is not only trend-setting and looks great on a variety of body types but have also found a love for making and creating their own clothes.  

Mimi’s axiom,

quote“Buy It, Make It, Mix It, Rock It!”….

is the mantra for thousands of daily followers, as well as fashion industry professionals.

According to her website,

quoteMimi G has quickly become an International fashion icon, instructor, role model, and an “in demand” speaker and panel member at blogging conferences across the country. Her DIY projects are the talk of every town, “making sewing sexy,” and generating a fresh new following of fashion savvy readers.

So here are the top three reasons why I love Mimi Goodwin and her blog MimiGStyle!

Reason #1: Mimi G blogs about her passion

Obviously Mimi G understands that blogging about your passion is a very good way for people to get to know and trust you.

By consistently putting out fresh content on her blog, Mimi G has built long term relationships with her followers.  She is now seen as expert in fashion, people trust her and more importantly come to her for tips/advice.

In her blog, MimiGStyle, Mimi G focuses on DIY projects, health and fitness tips, product reviews, highlights from her annual “Sewing, Fashion and Style” conference, and your everyday family shenanigans.

mimi g styleAs a mother of six, Mimi G works hard to balance her family life, her day job in the entertainment industry and sewing by night.  She started blogging as a way to keep a living diary of her own sewing adventures, and soon learned that other women share her same passion!  

Now she has over 350,000 unique visitors per month, who check in each day to learn everything from sewing, to choosing fabric for the right pattern or DIY project, to finding out what is trending in the fashion world.

Only within the last year,  June 2014, did Mimi transition from to acquiring her own domain name and launching her own website/blog titled MimiGStyle.

Apparently in the beginning blogging wasn’t always easy for Mimi G. In an early 2012 blog post entitled, The Good, The Bad + The Ugly of Being a Blogger,” she shares the pros and cons of being a blogger.

Yes, blogging takes a lot of work. However, if you are willing to do the work then you will find the benefits and rewards are well worth it! Get a blog if you want to take your business to the next level!

Reason #2: Mimi G utilizes Social Media

Successfully using social media to promote or market you brand/business can enable any entrepreneur or small business looking to extend their reach and acquire more customers.

If you are on social media sooner or later you are going to see a post or photo someone has shared from Mimi G Style!

Each day, followers check in to see Mimi’s “daily looks,” popular pattern reviews, sewing tutorials, links to other trend-setting fashions, and learn her secrets on how to get the looks demonstrated below on a budget.

On Facebook alone a single post from her will net 20K -30K Likes, hundreds of engaging Comments and a minimum of 1K Shares! Yep, her status updates contain everything the Facebook algorithm loves in order to extend her reach to her followers!

Mimi G has several social media accounts, amassed several followers in each and continues to gain hundreds of “new followers” by the day.

You can follow Mimi G at the following handles:

Twitter: @mimigstyle
Instagram: @mimigstyle
Chictopia: (fashion site)

If you want to drive traffic to your website just blog or use social media. A good Social Media Marketing strategy can create a recognizable identity for your product or service. This is extremely important for any entrepreneur or home business. Social Media tools can get the word out about your brand in a way that promotes online conversation and creates buzz.

Reason #3: Mimi G created her own brand

As am entrepreneur you have to understand the power of developing a unique personal brand, then marketing yourself and not any one business.

Mimi G’s unique tri-photo blog post unveiling her wearing the “outfit of the day” can be found all over the internet. Take a look at see some Mimi G Style images below…


Typically Mimi G will post a photo on her website showing her modeling three distinct poses of her latest outfit from the side, front and sometimes even the back.


Most of the outfits are of her own creation but there are also some that are store bought.

Mimi G will always post the brand name of the accessories that accompany her outfits in case her followers would like go purchase them to create or duplicate the same look.

Building a personal brand like Mimi G goes hand in hand with attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is providing a specific group of people (a niche) with valuable information and resources in order to help them find solutions to a challenge they are struggling with.

Mimi G has done a great job attracting fashionistas by providing valuable tips on sewing and accessorizing.

Well I hope you enjoyed this on post on,

The top three reasons why I love Mimi G!

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