Have We Forgot About PeopleString – Where You Own The Web?

Do you remember when PeopleString, an interactive social portal and affiliate site launched in 2009?? PeopleString offered ‘FREE and ‘Entrepreneur‘ memberships.

Free members got paid 5% of money earned by each direct referral & 2% from their referrals.

Entrepreneur members had to pay $200 to start but were paid 20% for direct referrals & 5% from their referrals. continue reading

Can you really change your life with Empower Network?

Well how BAD do you really want to be successful? What HAVE YOU DONE this year to empower yourself to achieve that success?  To succeed in your business is hard to achieve, but not impossible!

When you decide to take that step, your life changes.  Your situation becomes more than you can imagine. continue reading