Here is another chance for you fence sitters to evaluate Empower Network and see why so many people are excited about this company. :)

Every Monday at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST Empower Network has an open conference line called the Empower Hour (United States time zone).

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To Your Success!


First, if you have not heard of the Empower Network let me explain it to you in my own words. In October 31, 2011, partners David Wood & Dave Sharpe, launched Empower Network (EN).

empower network david wood david sharpe

Empower Network has already paid out over $24 million worth of commissions and the company only expects this rate to expand in the next few years.

The Empower Network can be basically broken into three parts:
1) Product,
2) Training,
3) Affiliate Program

The Empower Network Core Product

Empower Network offers a viral blogging and marketing program for beginners to very advanced bloggers. This innovative system comes fully loaded with all the graphics, banners and marketing elements ‘done for you’ so you don’t have to build a blog from scratch which can be intimidating and overwhelming especially for beginners. This also allow you to begin making content that will accomplish the maximum results as soon as it’s published.

The Empower Network Training

As a member of the Empower Network you will have access to a library of training documents and videos with the straightforward, core elements you will need to put your business on the fast track to profits.

There are three levels to the training program.

Basic Empower Network Membership ($25/monthly): Includes basic access to the ‘core checklist’ fast start training, a viral blogging and marketing system, the ability to earn monthly $25 commissions from other members who join at the basic level.

The ‘Inner Circle’ Membership ($100/monthly): Includes access to the ‘Inner Circle’ training library, the ability to earn monthly $100 commissions from members who join the ‘Inner Circle’.

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