How serious are you about your network marketing business?

Do you really want to become a top earner in your company?

Well if you’re not attending live events, you’re simply missing out on one of the best strategies that’ll help you quickly become a top earner in your business.   


In fact, I personally believe that it’s nearly impossible to become a top earner in this industry if you’re not attending live events.

“If you have not been to a live event then your my friend are not in the business yet! “

All top earners in any network marketing company attend their company’s events as well as other industry business building events like internet marketing, lead generation and social media workshops.

In today’s post I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the importance of attending live network marketing events.

Over the years I have attended many network marketing events.  Its very hard to put into words the feeling you get when you see a packed stadium or conference center full of motivated entrepreneurs at a live event!

It’s like attending a family reunion!

The people come from all over the world, some successful, some not, but all of them staying the course and not giving up on their dreams!

You can’t help but be inspired, motivated and return home re-energized after the event is over.

If you’re not convinced yet that you absolutely must attend live events, here are 5 key reasons why you should:

Reason #1 – To Meet Top Earners

This is your chance to meet and make connections with top earners in your company or within your niche.

There is something really amazing about being able to rub elbows with the top producers in the business.


They have been where you are and they can help you get to where they are. Take advantage of this opportunity and go learn from them.

Discover what you are doing right and what you might be doing wrong!

If your sponsor is not helping you, this your chance to find a mentor who will take you under their wing and coach you all the way to success.

After all who better to tell you how to make money in the business than the people who have actually done it?

Reason #2 – To Make New Connections

That’s right the name of the game is network marketing. And what better way to “network” and make connections with new people than to attend a live event!

empower network dreamteamDepending on the type of event there could be hundreds or even thousands of like minded individuals there.

When you get a room filled with like minded motivated, and committed people something magical happens!”

Whenever I attend a live event I make sure to meet as many new people as I possibly can. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and form partnerships with other entrepreneurs!

One conversation with the ‘right’ person can spark an idea or a strategy that takes your business from $100 a month to $10,000 practically overnight…

One partnership for me resulted in an extra 5,000 people on my email list…


Besides you never know who you might meet or sit next to that could be the next top earner or future industry leader. 

It only makes sense to connect with these rising stars.

A relationship you build today could turn into a lifelong friendship or a super business partnership for many years.

The friendships and relationships I have made have been through attending live events are priceless.

I have found that serious entrepreneurs understand the value of attending live events so it is not unusual to run into the same entrepreneurs at different network marketing and training events outside of their primary business opportunity.

Also at live events I finally get to meet some people that I have only spoke to on the phone or  corresponded with through email but never actually met in person.

Reason #3 – To Hear Special Announcements

At every event I have been to the company leadership has always made some special announcement.

Sometimes they unveiled a new product or product line,

Sometimes they announce an update to the compensation plan,

Sometimes they announce their expansion into a new market/country.

These announcements always energize the audience and by attending the live event you hear all the details first before the rest of the field.

And more importantly you have an opportunity to take early action and ride the wave of momentum coming out of the event!

At the event you may also buy discounted marketing material and/or promotional merchandise that is only available to attendees.

Reason #4 – To Get Exclusive Training

At every event that I have been to there’s training designed only for those that purchased event tickets. The training could be in the form of workshop or boot camp led by  the top earners in the industry or company.

The event organizers know that people are travelling from great distances to attend the event and many are sacrificing their money and time too, so they wan the event to be first class.

This is why they ask the speakers to present something original that has not been shared already with their organization or in a previous training that can be found on the internet.

It could be a new recruiting strategy or the latest lead generation or marketing tactics/ techniques.

I always pick up a few gold nuggets at the live event that I have not heard or seen anywhere else!

So be prepared to take plenty of notes then share them in a blog post or email them to your team members that could not make it.

Reason #5 – To Build Your Business

One of the greatest opportunities you will ever have to build your business is through attending live events.

And if you do it just right, it can help you build your business fast! 

The result?

An instant boost in your teams productivity which can mean thousands of dollars for you.

All leaders understand the importance of bringing as many people on their team as possible to events.

Your teammates will here inspirational stories, feel the excitement and realize that ordinary people can achieve extra-ordinary results.

When they return home they will be motivated and double their efforts. Some will go on to become leaders on your team and a few will become top earners.

If you are new invite anyone and everyone you can to immediately jump start your business.

It’s a great opportunity for you to sit back and let the experts do the work by generating interest for you.

Making the investment with your time, money, and energy to attend networking/marketing events can prove to have the largest ROI (return on investment) in the long term.

Hopefully by reading this post you now have a better understanding of the importance of attending live network marketing events.

By not attending live events you could be missing out on a great opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Do what you need to do but NEVER miss another one of the company’s events ever again. You won’t be sorry you did.

Make sure you SHARE this post with anyone on your team who has never been to a live event.

charles lenoir

P.S. If you have been to a live training event please comment below and share your experiences