Have We Forgot About PeopleString – Where You Own The Web?

Do you remember when PeopleString, an interactive social portal and affiliate site launched in 2009?? PeopleString offered ‘FREE and ‘Entrepreneur‘ memberships.

peoplestringFree members got paid 5% of money earned by each direct referral & 2% from their referrals.

Entrepreneur members had to pay $200 to start but were paid 20% for direct referrals & 5% from their referrals.

PeopleString made all sorts of promises. “The ‘other’ sites keep all of your money and never give any to their users” But supposedly PS members would get paid for being active on their portal, and PS would share 70% of their revenues, from advertisers and other income back to their members.

From 2009-2012, PeopleString gained a lot of momentum… everywhere you turned people were posting about PeopleString! Network and Affiliate marketers were recruiting and building downlines like crazy. In May 2010 PS added RewardString (rewards gaming program), in March 2011 they added PeopleDeals (business program-changed to Share It Up Social later), then lastly they added Myingo Fuel Insider program (gas discount card).


In 2012, PeopleString crashed and burn. Many people were upset that paid the $200. Some felt betrayed and others felt they had been wasting their time chasing after a dream

Now there is TSU

TSU is a new social network site that has emerged claiming they will pay their users in the same manner that PeopleString promised.

Will TSU be different and survive?

Too early to say but all I say is…..

Remember PeopleString?

….chances are TSU may hang around for awhile too but so far none of these social paying sites have survived for long.

Note: Although its free, I have not joined TSU. My PeopleString experience was enough for me.  I have seen a few of these kinds of programs come along, and typically they attract people looking to get rich quick and the wrong mindset. Not my cup of tea 🙂

charles lenoir

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