Are you coming to No Excuses Summit 8?

Because I’ll definitely be there…wouldn’t miss it for the world!

The No Excuses Summit 8 is an annual live event dedicated to teaching marketers from around the world the most current and up to date traffic and lead generation methods that are working right now.

No Excuses Summit 8 is hosted by my millionaire mentors and friends – Ferny Ceballos (Founder of NES and Attraction Marketing Formula) and Tim Erway (Founder of Elite Marketing Pro). 

No Excuses Summit Ferny Ceballos Charles Lenoir Tim Erway

                                          L -R: Ferny Ceballos, Charles Lenoir, Tim Erway

Attending events is where the magic happens, the business connections take place and long term relationships are built.

No Excuses Summit 8 Details

The event will be held on  June 8th – 12th, 2017 at the Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas NV.

NOTE: There Will Be No Live Stream Available for This Event

The main event is three days but if you are new to internet marketing plan on attending the one day workshop that takes place a day prior to the main event. 


This is designed for beginners and facilitated by 6-figure earners. They will walk you through the building of your first online sales funnel and start driving traffic to it within 24 hours!

If you are already familiar with online marketing and sales funnels you can still attend the workshop. I always pick up a great new marketing tip in the class and remind myself how important the basic fundamentals really are to my business.

Main Event

You will learn some new and exciting traffic strategies that will blow you away!

Here is just some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Email Marketing & Copywriting
  • Copywriting for Offer Letters & Videos
  • Turn Simple Webinars Into Rapid Enrollments & Customers
  • Building Audiences & Retargeting Them on Facebook and Beyond
  • Recruiting & Selling with FB Lives & Other Forms of Video Marketing
  • Designing 7-Figure Recruiting & Sales Funnels
  • ​Building HOT Prospects Lists, Recruiting & Duplication with Facebook Groups
  • Lead Generation with YouTube, Instagram and Twitter Ads
  • ​Rapid Recruiting with Messenger, Video Chats & Monetizing “No’s”
  • And Much More…

If you have attended a No Excuses Summit in the past, its about time you witness the magic!

no excuses summit 7

This event is normally limited to just 450 people which is why you need to have gotten your ticket yesterday.

20+ World Class Internet Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Personal 7-Figure and 8-Figure Traffic & Conversion Strategies! 

Here is a list of some the multi millionaire guest speakers and event trainers:

Ferny CeballosTim ErwayVince ReedKate McShea
Tyson ZahnerMichelle PescosolidoCurt MaleyLisa Grossman
Ryan D. HigginsJulie BurkeMisha WilsonAngel Fletcher
Simon ChanBill PescosolidoJohn & Nadya MeltonMasa Cesamar & Miguel Monterro


If there was ever a time to attend a live event the time to do it is now!

The industry is constantly changing – with new technology come new strategies and new ways to build your business and make money!

I really hope to see you there!

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

P.S. If you are tired of using old school methods like cold calling, talking to strangers at the mall or doing hotel meeting and home parties and would rather learn how to use the internet to make more sales and sponsor more reps, click here to learn about attraction marketing.

Your comments are welcomed below, if you are an Elite Marketing Pro member or have attended the No Excuses Summit in the past please share your experiences.