Today I want to take a look at the marketing process — an area I personally believe needs to be emphasized in our industry a lot more.

Unfortunately most people are taught wrong. They approach marketing as selling and selling as getting some unwilling prospect to buy something he or she doesn’t want or need.

Well if you are marketing your business this way, then be prepared to FAIL!

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I personally have no interest in trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t want it, and I suggest you don’t either. True marketing is based on a simple – yet quite profound philosophy:

We’re looking for people…who are looking for what we have.

Put into more specific terms it means this: Our job is to identify qualified prospects — then put our marketing message in front of them. Give them enough information to make the right decision for them.

If that means they join your opportunity or buy your product, good. If it means they don’t, that’s good too. Your job is not to sell your opportunity or products to those that don’t need or desire them. It is to find the people who want what you have and give them enough information so they can decide if getting it from you is a fair exchange of value.

Don’t Sell – Sort

People arebad-salesman motivated by different reasons and many will surprise you. Those you think won’t...will. Those you think will…won’t.

Some people have legitimate reasons why they won’t become a customer or get involved with your company’s product, service or business opportunity, and that’s okay.

Sorting for Prospects

The most important thing for you to understand about any network marketing opportunity is that we are in the SORTING business, not the selling business!

When you are looking for qualified people to join your business opportunity, think of it as sorting apples or categories of people. There are four types and whether you are establishing your team through your own effort or helping agents you sponsored acquire new agents, you will always encounter people in these categories.

red-appleRED APPLES are motivated people who see the vision and once they hear your explanation, they immediately want to know how to get started. They are real easy to recognize by their enthusiasm. Your goal should  be to look for and work with Red Apples.

green-appleGREEN APPLES
are people who need or require considerable amount of time to make a decision. They will have to think about it or they may have to talk it over with their spouse. They ask for lots of literature and information. If you work with these people, you will find that they “spend” your time and time is your most valuable asset. Share marketing material carefully with these people and ask them to call you within 48hours. If they are interested they will call. If not, be prepared to let them go. It could be that the timing is just not right for them but they may be open in a few weeks or months. They may not be prospective agents now, but never take them out the loop. Get back to them from time to time. Green Apples can ripen into Red Apples.

rotten-appleROTTEN APPLES
are very easy to recognize. They are the people that tend to be negative or skeptical. They are not in need of any help or opportunities to better themselves. They may go out of the way to avoid contact with you. Not only can you recognize that they are not interested in any product or business opportunity but they will try to convince you that it doesn’t work or that its a SCAM! Stay away from these types of people! They will only drain your energy and rob you of your motivation and enthusiasm.

Rotten apples could be considered “dream stealers.” They are not only opposed to trying the service and/or the opportunity, but they also try to convince you that there is no opportunity for you.

Stay away from these people!! They will only drain your energy and enthusiasm. Remember, in reality there are no dream stealers. Only you can give up on your dreams.

But wait what about GOLDEN APPLES?

gold-appleGOLDEN APPLES are rare.

They are open minded people. They are the  type of people that instantly see the benefit in what you have presented them.

They may inquire about how to get involved before you can present it to them.

The main difference between successful representatives and unsuccessful representatives is what they do with their time. Spend 80% of your time sorting for and working with red apples, 20% of your time with green apples, and 0% of your time with the rotten apples. Remember that you can’t change people; you can only offer people an opportunity to change themselves.

The minute you recognize that someone is a rotten apple, don’t pursue them. Concentrate on the red apples.

REMEMBER: You are looking for motivated people (Red Apples). From time to time you will find a Gold Apple mixed in with Red Apples. Avoid Rotten Apples and be careful about spending too much time on Green Apples, but keep everyone informed from time to time. Situations Change

To Your Success!

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