Are you looking for information about the North American Power (NAP) business opportunity? If so I have some bad news for you…

Important Announcement Regarding the
Thrive and North American Power Opportunity

quote After a lot of thoughtful analysis, discussions, and soul-searching, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the end of the Thrive and North American Power opportunity. This was an extremely difficult decision that was not taken lightly.” The Thrive and North American Power Team

It looks like North American Power is no longer in the network marketing business, so once again a company has shut its business opportunity doors for representatives looking to create a life long residual income stream within the energy deregulation industry.

quote Effective immediately, Independent Representatives will be unable to refer new customers or representatives to Thrive or North American Power. All referral sites have been disabled.”

To read more about the NAP important announcement click here.

North American Power sent all its representatives this email:

quote Per the Independent Representative Agreement and Policies and Procedures, Independent Representatives will continue to receive residual payments on customers that have been referred to date.

In addition, once successfully processed, any pending enrollments that have been referred to date will receive the normal up-front commissions.

Independent Representatives that have earned Free Energy will continue to receive Free Energy for as long as they remain qualified.

The NAP leadership is honoring their commitment to pay their reps the benefits they earned from acquiring customers.  Its more than most companies do when they terminate their network marketing arm.

Who is North American Power?

North American Power

FOUNDER(S): Kerry Breitbart (CEO) and Carey Turnbull (Chairman)


The company offers an electricity, gas and wind energy services through third-party utility providers in the US.

I can’t find anywhere the reason why North American Power decided to terminate their network marketing opportunity. Not sure whether it is a financial decision or problems they may have been experiencing with the networking part of the business, or something else….

Complaints Against North American Power

There were two recently filed class-action court cases naming the company as a defendant. 1) Peggy Zahn filed her lawsuit in October 24th, 2014.

This action seeks to redress the deceptive pricing practices of North American Power & Gas, LLC (“North American Power”) that have caused thousands of Illinois consumers to pay considerably more for their electricity than they should otherwise have paid.

2) Michael Tully filed his separate class-action on January 8th, 2015.

Tully’s complaint reads nearly the same to Zahn’s, except that it pertains to Rhode Island.

Both cases are civil contracting disputes and allege North American Power has been overcharging its customers.


There are a few lessons in here for anyone in the network marketing and direct sales industry.

First, network marketing is like any other small business, some companies Succeed, some companies FAIL.

Second, the NAP sudden dismal of their network marketing opportunity is another sterling example of why you should be branding yourself and NOT the company you are with.

And my final thoughts on North American Power

As a member of the network marketing community it I always disheartening to see a company with potential close its doors.  If you were a NAP representative I encourage you not to let this temporary stumbling block cause you to give up on your dreams. Keep you head up and keep moving forward!


To Your Success!

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