If you want to INSTANTLY kill your network marketing business then beg for business!

female-beggingWhat exactly do I mean?

Inexperienced or improperly trained network and internet marketers doing any and everything they possibly can to get a new customer or sponsor someone into their business.

I am seeing this more and more and quite frankly it bothers me! Little do they know they begging for business is actually killing their business.

Not sure if you are begging for prospects and killing your business, here is a quick test:

Are you calling, emailing and soliciting your friends and family members to buy products from you or join your business?

Are you promoting your business on social media several times a day throughout the week?

Are you always posting before and after photos and making outrageous claims about results or income? Making false claims…turn $15 into $50,000 in two weeks

Well if you answered yes, to either one of those questions your network marketing future might be in trouble.

Not only are you killing your business by operating this way but your are also damaging your reputation.


If you want to be seen as an network marketing industry leader you must learn to protect your reputation.

Industry leaders brand themselves and use strategies like attraction marketing to build relationships up over time. They understand the importance of branding, reputation, and credibility.

They know these things build trust with their prospects. They know that reputation means everything – and they work hard to maintain theirs.

Industry leaders DO NOT beg for prospects!

They DO NOT pitch their products or business opportunity all the time on social media or to their close family or friends.

Why? Because they understand that most people really don’t care about their business nor their product even if the makeup, juices, vitamins, wraps, potions and lotions work.

Every single person you come across is NOT a prospect!

When you promote your business to any and everybody in the manner described above it just makes you seem desperate. What makes you think being desperate is an income strategy?

What you are doing comes from a lack of education and not understanding what it really takes to be a success in network marketing.

Unfortunately most if not all network marketing companies do a very poor job of properly educating and training the people that join their company. Many still teach tired old marketing methods that no longer work.

If you’re new to the industry, then your objective should be to educate yourself! A vast majority of your time should be going towards learning. If you’ve been in network marketing for a while, then its about increasing your value. But whatever you do don’t beg for prospects to join your business or buy your products.

Begging for prospects is a business killer.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

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