real profile pictureAre you using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. to promote your products, services or business opportunity but do NOT display your profile picture?

Perhaps you are one of those that uses the default (blank) picture?


What Are you hiding from?

Unfortunately I see people doing this a lot but did you know that it could be hurting your business?

Without a real profile picture NO ONE pays attention to you!

A real profile photo helps increase your engagements.

Not an avatar!

Not a picture of money, fancy cars or houses!

Not a puppy, kitten or a group of your best friends!

People want to connect with a real person, they want to connect with you!

So if you are a real person then use a real photo of yourself, it doesn’t have to be a professional/studio photo but a nice casual head shot will do.  And lose the fancy hat, baseball cap, those awesome RayBan sunglasses or anything else that competes for our attention in the photo.

A real profile photo makes it easier to recognize you.

What if I am going to meet you in person for the first time, having seen a photo of you will make me feel more comfortable and confident I can spot you in the crowd.

Similarly, if we’ve met in person and you send me an invitation to connect online, seeing your photo will help me remember you.

Also a great way to help your own branding is to use the same photo for all of your online profiles. Use the same photo on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube channel, your blog, etc. It will make it much easier for people to recognize you right away.

But I just don’t want to publicly display my picture

Think about it like this…

Would you join a business opportunity under a person that has never shown themselves?

Would you hand over your credit card to purchase a product or service from a invisible stranger?

Do you attend an event or party that you were invited to by a complete stranger?

I personally don’t entertain invites, events or friend request from anyone that does not display a real profile photo. Taking it one step further if your profile page is blank i.e. doesn’t include the basic description of who you are and what you do, I’ll delete or ignore your request.

People that don’t display a profile photo are normally…

1) Not very active on on social media (check how frequently they post),

2) They have a reason to hide their face – SCAMMER!


What About A Business?

If you are a legitimate small business then use your company logo.

Most companies have rules against the use of their copyrighted logo/images (check your contractual agreement). So I do NOT recommend network marketers or anyone affiliated with direct sales use their company logo as their profile picture.

Remember its about connecting with a real person!

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for an entrepreneur using social media to make connections and/or promote their business products or services NOT to display a real profile picture on their page.

To Your Success
charles lenoir

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