Your prospects tell you ‘no’ ….but not for why you think.

See, they want the money.
They want the time-freedom.
They want the financial independence.

But they say ‘no‘ to your business because they don’t want to do what they see YOU having to do to get them in the business.

They don’t want to prospect.
They don’t want to do 1-on-1 presentations.
They don’t want to do home parties.
They don’t want to do hotel meetings.
They don’t want to make lists of people they know.
They don’t want to chase friends and family
They don’t want to strike up conversations with strangers.

And that’s why they say ‘no’.

Because no matter how great your company, your product or your pay plan…

…they’re not going to say ‘yes’ if they think they have to work like it’s 1975.

The “sales pitch” is supposed to go here but I don’t have one…

Here’s where most people would say,

“But, with the Super Duper MLM 3000 Auto-Enroller Downline Builder, you can say good bye to those problems forever and build your business with pushbutton ease!”

Yeah, right.

I don’t have a ‘system’ to sell you.  And anyone who tells you that there’s a “cookie-cutter system” that’s going to do all the work for you is lying.

That doesn’t exist.

But, here’s what DOES exist…

When I stopped working with those old methods and I started using the right PROCESSES….the right STRATEGIES….

…my decision to stop prospecting catapulted my income from near-zero to over $26,000 in my 6th month….

And I did it with:

No prospecting
No 3-way calls
No phone calls of any kind
No meetings
No home parties
No making lists of people I knew
No “buying leads”

I used one simple strategy that let me get rid of 100% of the stuff that I hated doing….and let me start marketing in a way that my prospects could say “yes” to.

Life is good when you have the right strategy.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

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