I wanted to write this blog post to help people that are new to direct sales and the network, affiliate or internet marketing industry.

Let’s say you just joined your first network marketing company and you have not heard from your sponsor!

*sound of crickets*

24 hours later still nothing

x No Welcome Email
x No Phone Call
x Nada

Your Sponsor Sucks, But Why?

Let’s take a closer look

Your sponsor makes $30,000 a month and has a team in the thousands. You are attracted to the big numbers, the promise of great training, the capture pages, and the flashy YouTube videos of this savvy marketer.

Mistake Numero Uno (Number One)

Without realizing your sponsor sucks, you make a decision to join directly under this powerful industry leader and heavy hitter.

Wait a minute, exactly how much attention do you think he or she will personally give you, Mr. Newbie?

If you expect to receive a lot of help from your sponsor directly you are fooling yourself.

Read more here on what to expect when you join

Your sponsor’s direct and personal help is reserved for the committed—Individuals on the team that have already proven themselves to be future leaders by taking action and building their business on a daily basis. The results: their individual teams are growing exponentially and their bank accounts are getting fatter.

Time Out!

In this scenario it really comes down to time management.

time-management-clockYour sponsor sucks probably because most company leaders do not have TIME to answer your mundane questions about the company, the products, etc etc.

Unfortunately this is what a lot of Newbies do in the beginning, ask a lot of questions. Nothing wrong with that but believe it or not, most of your questions are all the things you can easily look up on your own. But guess what, you did not take the…TIME!

You see in this case your sponsor sucks because he or she values their time.

And you Mr. Newbie still have to learn that everyone’s time is valuable (including Yours)so don’t waste it!

What happens now? What do I do?

your sponsor sucks

If you are committed to your business and changing your financial situation then,

-Don’t quit
-Don’t complain
-Don’t get discouraged
-Drive On

Your sponsor does not determine whether you fail or not in the business, YOU determine that! Prove to everyone that YOU can do it.

Repeat After Me

I can and will SUCCEED with or WITHOUT my Sponsor!

Even in this scenario there is still hope. Your sponsor sucks but you can still take advantage of the team training that your sponsor probably has already provided. Nothing will build up your skill sets other than MLM trainings from leaders.

checkmarkAttend the training Webinars even if your sponsor sucks
checkmarkAttend team Events even if your sponsor sucks
checkmarkReach out to and make Friends with other Team Members (Experienced and Inexperienced) even if your sponsor sucks. Create a team of contacts and friends from other company teams.

NOTE: Don’t forget the training and marketing material your network marketing company has also provided. Plug in to all of your network marketing company’s functions, calls, events, meetings, conferences and conventions.Through your own personal development you will grow and overtime your business/marketing skills will increase.

I was talking to one of my team members the other day and I asked her,

quoteCan you manage your organization with 100 members or leaders now?”

She said, NO Way! And I said,

quoteExactly and that is part of the personal development you need to go through to reach that stage.”

Your Sponsor Sucks, But It’s Ok!

I hope this post sheds a little light on why you might be struggling or frustrated right now, especially if you are depending on your sponsor.

To Your Continued Success!
charles lenoir