So you are ready to make your first $30,000 in 30 days?

talk-to-the-handWHOA, slow down cowboy!

Let’s talk about this!

Can it be done?

Sure, but the question you really have to ask yourself is “what are YOU willing to sacrifice in order to get there?”

Yes, I said sacrifice. Because you will have to give up something like time initially and maybe even some money.

Things Just Got Real

Ray Kroc turned McDonald’s into a legendary fast food restaurant, but he did it by putting in work.

ray-krocSam Walton made Wal-mart a household name, he did it by putting in work.

sam-waltonLet’s Be Honest

No one said being an entrepreneur or starting a home based business would be easy, if it were easy we all would own a McDonalds or a Wal-mart.

Personally I would rather work hard 3-5 years building my own business than working 40 years building a business for someone else.

But hey, that’s just me!

Keep It Real

We are all different. The Top Leaders in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing or Direct Sales did not all start at the top. They “internalized” the system they were taught and worked it with passion and commitment. Never quitting even at times when what they were doing did not always seem like it was worth it.

Some of the leaders that you know today spent many hours and years developing the skills they needed to hit the leader boards.

Of course there are a select few that rise to the top faster than others and without as much skill. Why is that? Well there are some people in the world that are naturally gifted.

For example, have you ever witnessed that guy or gal that could make straight A’s studying for a test the night before it happens? While others (Me & YOU) have to study the material for weeks in advance just to make the same A or even a B.

Just remember it doesn’t matter when you get the degree as long as you get the degree!

Another words don’t quit because the road is tough (believe me it will) and gets a little bumpy.

And don’t quit because it is taking you a long time to reach your goal. I like this cartoon illustration. Which person are you going to be? The Quitter or will you Persevere to the End?

never-giveupI t doesn’t matter what company or business opportunity your are promoting, if you are new to marketing don’t expect to get rich over night.

Remember the old saying, “Rome was not built in a day!”

To Your Success
charles lenoir

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