Today I will share with you, How To Add A Custom Signature To Your Blog.

And guess what you can do it all for FREE! (my favorite word) 🙂

Lets Get Started

Go to this site, click the banner below or CLICK HERE. custom signature

Click on the Register Tab

NOTE: When you go to the site be advised it has a lot of advertisements. DO NOT click on the advertisements. The website Menu is located at the very top of the page.

custom signature

After you register, click on the New signature Tab.

custom signature blog

The first thing you will see is:

Creating a new signature or font

Select: Using the signature creation wizard. From this point on all you have to do is follow the steps!

How To Add A Custom Signature To Your Blog-Follow These 6-Steps

STEP 1: Enter Your Name

STEP 2: Select The Font. Select the font that is best for your custom signature.

NOTE: There are over 100 different font style selections you can make. My advice don’t get to fancy just find one that works for you and not similar to someone that already uses that font. You want to be different!

STEP 3: Select The Size. Select the size for your custom signature.

Best sizes are #3 or #4

STEP 4: Select The Color. Select the color for your custom signature.

Normally black but some ladies like pink, purple etc. It’s really up to you!

STEP 5: Select The Slope. Select the slope for your signature. (Another feature to make your signature stand out if you chose. leave section as #1 for flat).

LAST STEP: Enter The Name. Enter the name of your final signature.

You’re Done!

You can choose to save your new custom signature as a graphic file or copy the code and place within your Text in your blog post.

Remember it’s the little things that you do to your blog post that will make your blog stand out and help brand you.

So did this blog post….

How To Add A Custom Signature To Your Blog

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