So you are looking to find out more about the company called Wake Up Now? I applaud you for doing your due diligence and research to see if its a legit company, and if you can really  make money with this business opportunity!

In this unbiased Wake Up Now Business Opportunity review I will attempt to provide enough information about the Company, Product(s), and Compensation plan for you to be able to make an informed decision.

NOTE: Unbiased (meaning I am not a distributor of their products and I do not promote their business opportunity). Your decision to join or not join the Wake Up Now business opportunity is entirely up to you.

Let’s get started!

WakeUpNow A Detailed Look

INDUSTRY: Financial Services
FOUNDER: Troy Muhlestein;
Kirby Cochran (President), Jason Elrod CEO), and Phil Polich (COO)
COST: $24.95/month or $49.95/month or $99.95/month

wake-up-now-reviewWake Up Now was founded in 2009 by Troy Muhlestein, a former corporate leader in traditional business.

The company was referred to as “Wordcraft Systems, Inc.” before finally officially changing its name to “Wake Up Now, Inc.”

Here’s where gets a little confusing. Wordcraft Systems became a Delaware corporation called Wake Up Now in November of 2010, which was technically a paper company.

However, in July of 2009, a Utah corporation was created, also called Wake Up Now.

Then, in December of 2010 the two WUNs merged and now Wake Up Now, Utah is a subsidiary of Wake Up Now, Delaware, which genetically now makes Wake Up Now, Utah a public company and the one I am conducting this Wake Up Now Business Opportunity Review on.

The company is Headquartered in Provo, Utah. Got it? 🙂

WakeUpNow Vision Statement:

We Exist to Inspire People Worldwide to: Become Financially Independent. Be FREE2BE who they Really are.

What Are the Wake Up Now Products and Services?

Wake Up Now is a company that offers discounts on Vacations, Groceries & Retail Stores, and more. According to the website,

WakeUpNow’s product is a web-based program called the HUB. The HUB is a platform available to all users, and which your customers can customize by purchasing additional features in order to get exactly what they want. The HUB allows you to find and purchase great deals on everything from groceries to travel, beverages to health and beauty products, eating out to shoes.

So pay a monthly subscription fee to get discounts on various products/services….

  1. Awaken Natural Energy products
  2. Vacation Discounts of 50%-90%
  3. Grocery Coupons
  4. Exclusive Retail Shopping Discounts (Walmart, BestBuy, Macy’s & Over 1,000 Retailers)
  5. Discounted on AT&T and T-Mobile Cell phone service (22% Discount on AT&T & 12% on T-Mobile).
  6. Three Free Magazine Subscriptions of Your Choice
  7. Also Monthly membership subscriptions:
    • Personal Finance – “a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool, full of rich features that give you a clear and simple overview of your finances.”
    • Tax Deduction by Taxbot – Taxbot is 3rd party tax software designed to help manage tax deductions for small businesses in the US.
    • Digital Protection by Invisus – a “digital protection suite” by third party vendor Invisus covering security alerts and information (Cyberhood Watch), identity theft (iDefend), PC security (iSafe)

How to promote the products

Wake Up Now (WUN) encourages promotion of their product by word-of-mouth.

The company promotes the concept B3H3G3 (Bring Three, Help Three, Get Three customers) system.

B3H3G3 is a strategy whereby you can earn $600 a month by recruiting 3 friends who recruit three friends and so on.

Most Wake Up Now Independent Business Owners (IBOs) engage their warm market (friends, family members co-workers, etc) and try to persuade them to become a customer or become a qualified IBO.

It appears that most Wake Up Now IBOs are primarily promoting WUN online via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Although there are some experienced network marketers that use offline promotion techniques (advertising, meetings, three-way calls, etc) as well.

NOTE: A lot of inexperienced Wake Up Now IBOs are spamming Facebook and Instagram walls with crazy make money now claims. Read this post “The quickest way to lose your Real and Facebook friends”  before advertise on Facebook. 

So where do the Top Wake Up Now earners get their leads from?

wake up nowThe Top Wake Up Now earners build their businesses totally different than the masses do.

The top earners who are making money in Wake Up Now are great at marketing, both offline and online.

They know how to generate traffic and leads, and then convert those leads into sales, and they know how to recruit the best people into their business.

The teams that seem to be successful are using lead marketing tools in order to train their group on internet marketing techniques and give them the tools and knowledge to generate their own online leads.

If you want to become a top producer, you will need a powerful lead marketing system to foster and build a relationship with your prospects.

Not having a lead marketing system is why most Wake Up Now IBOs fail; because they follow the masses and get the same old results.

The Compensation Plan-Can I make money with Wake Up Now?

The Wake Up now compensation plan is a unilevel plan that is a little complicated to understand.

wake up now

You must be a qualified Independent Business Owner (IBO) to be eligible to receive commissions with the Wake Up Now Compensation Plan

How WUN defines a qualified IBO:

1) Must be enrolled as an IBO, and 2) Achieve 90 Personal Volume (PV).

Well this is a comprehensive Wake Up Now business Opportunity review, right? Then let’s look at the good as well as the bad.

 The Good

  • Residual income opportunity on product reorders (autoship).
  • A variety of different ways you can get paid.
  • Attain Director 3” and earn a monthly $100, which covers your own $99.95 monthly Platinum Package fee.
  • The business is available in many countries outside the U.S.
  • Bonuses. In addition to to the above compensation, WUN has multiple bonus pools that are available on a weekly basis to its distributors.  These bonus pools are based on the company’s total volume the previous month.  What does this mean  for you?  If you can qualify for those bonus pools, you’ll be pulling in some nice extra money on a WEEKLY basis.
  • Flexibility to place place people in your organization.

The Not So Good

  • Requires that you have $100 of monthly and 90 Personal Volume (PV) in order to even be considered an “qualified” IBO.
  • Pays literally nothing until a participant enrolls three people, no matter what group volume is generated under the first two, and hierarchical requirements make the higher ranks exceptionally harder to achieve, including those ranks that are most likely to produce a comfortable living income.
  • In October of 2013, WUN added a “Customer” qualifier to each rank of the plan. Director 3s not only need to enroll three IBOs, but also must enroll three Customers. All IBOs must maintain a minimum of 3, 7, or 10 retail customers as applicable
  • According to the company income statement the Avg. IBO earns less than $100/mo.
  • Requires distributors to pay both a one time setup/activation fee (vacation club) as well as a monthly subscription fee.
  • Some products/services can be found cheaper through Google search.

This is one of the best plans I’ve ever seen for those who are looking ONLY for a supplemental income of a few hundred dollars per month. All other issues aside, $600 a month for a downline of a dozen people each placing a $99.95 order is extremely attractive.

For a more detailed look the full  WUN compensation plan here.

As per WakeUpNow’s July 2013 Income Disclosure Statement,

80% of the company’s affiliates failed to generate a $10 or more commission payout that month. With $10 being the minimum commission payable on a single retail subscription, that means 80% of the company’s affiliates failed to make one retail subscription sale (or earn a commission of an existing one) for the month of July.

Things haven’t gotten much better since, with WakeUpNow’s December 2013 statement revealing that 82% of the company’s commission qualified affiliates failed to earn any commissions at all.

Is the Wake Up Now business opportunity right for YOU?

woman-thinking1There are three different options when you join Wake Up Now as an IBO:

  • Silver Membership ($24.95 a month) – Access to WakeUpNow Finance or Taxbot Deductions, “Cyberhood Watch” by Invisus and 1 magazine subscription
  • Gold Membership ($49.95 a month) – all of the above plus “ID Theft protection” and “Computer Security Services” (Cyberhood Watch, iDefend and iSafe) by Invisus and an additional magazine subscription (2 in total)
  • Platinum Membership ($99.95 a month) – all of the above including access to both WakeUpNow Finance Taxbot Deductions and an additional magazine subscription (3 in total)
  • Plus a one-time activation fee of $90 for the vacation club.

Once you’re registered as a independent distributor, you can start building your business.


Unfortunately the sad truth is, if your looking at Wake Up Now solely for the purpose of the compensation plan and you are an inexperienced marketer without the drive and ambition to make a serious change in your life, Wake Up Now probably isn’t for you.

I’m assuming that we haven’t personally met yet and that I haven’t gotten to know you.

So, I’m going to be pretty blunt here.

If you expect to sign up and instantly start to make money without a lead marketing system, let me be the first to tell you … YOU WILL FAIL!!!

The problem is that a lot of people join Wake Up Now and then don’t want to do ANYTHING to promote their business.

Even though there are built-in advertising opportunities that can do 90% of the work for you, some people amazingly don’t get involved.

Your success as an IBO will ultimately be determined by how many people you can attract to you and your team.

Without understanding Attraction Marketing principles, you will always be at a serious disadvantage.

If you want the best chance at success in your Wake Up Now business, you also need to learn Attraction Marketing principles.

Click here for a free 10 day training bootcamp to learn about attraction marketing.

By using attraction marketing, learning a few marketing skills, and leveraging the power of the internet, you can succeed where the other 95% fail.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you are doing a good thing researching Wake Up Now reviews.

Make sure you get to know as much about the company as you can before making a decision.

But also understand that if you are new to the direct sales and network marketing industry that your success will come from your ability to generate continuous leads in order to make sales.

There are some things that concern me about this company.

First, to begin qualifying for those Unilevel payouts, or to qualify for any payout, you must first achieve 90 CV in personal purchases, or sales to Preferred or Retail Customer, and sell at least 90 CV worth of product to three customers or IBOs. In other words, buy a Platinum Package and recruit three others who buy a Platinum Package.

The large majority of network marketing reps in any opportunity never recruit their first person, and rightly deserve no commission.

But a much higher percentage do recruit one or two.

In WUN, if you sponsor two stars and one or both build substantial groups, you’re paid nothing.

I am not a fan of opportunities where I have to pay monthly for the right to earn commissions payments.

Finally the products, appear to be a collection of online products that are either free, or can be purchased for the same price, to in some cases occasionally for less, directly from the original provider, and the product “discounts” and “deals” are only true for those who are to lazy to search for them on Google.

you-decideIn my opinion Wake Up Now is just like any other direct sales and network marketing company.

If you are interested in a virtual company (products online) then Wake Up Now is certainly an business opportunity worth looking into.

Success in network marketing is not a huge mystery.

It is just a matter of correct education, proper skills and effective action.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

Your comments are welcomed below, if you are a Wake Up Now IBO please share your experiences.