Have you ever heard of the frog kissing principle story?

The frog kissing principle is something I heard a very long time ago and I thought I would share it for your personal use.

One ingenious networker applied the frog kissing principle to network marketing.

The Frog Kissing Principle Tale Goes Like This

frog kissing principle

•You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a prince.

•That’s the job and you’ve got to kiss’em.

•You can’t mail them a kiss.

•You can’t stay in the office and wait for them to hop in and kiss you.

•You can’t let advertising change them into princes.

•You can’t ask your secretary to kiss them.

•You can’t kiss the same one 40 times.

•You can’t spend all of your time in kissin’ school.

•You’ve got to spend time with frogs and you’ll find them out there in the marshes.

Then … when you find one … you’ve got to make contact. Remember, kissing is a contact sport. That is, if you really want to meet a prince.


In other words, in a high tech-high touch world, high touch wins every time. The rule in the sales world has always been that you have to expect a lot of no’s if you are expecting to get a yes.  In other words, you have to kiss a lot of frogs if you are going  to marry a prince.

Can you relate to the frog kissing principle story? Well if you are involved in network marketing you should be able to relate to this story. At some point to expand our business we must recruit or sponsor other frogs. We will face rejection but understanding how to persevere through it will help you reach your financial goals!

Final Thoughts

The most powerful tools today for building your business in spite of all this cutting edge technology are still word of mouth, the hug and the simple handshake. Don’t forget to focus on the fundamentals. Sure the Internet can be a very powerful medium for recruiting. But a remember network marketing is about relationships and the real friendships you make will last a lifetime in spite of where technology goes.

To Your Success!

charles lenoir

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