I decided to write this post because I see so many people making this mistake.


The potential marketing opportunity on Facebook is tremendous for many businesses, and quite possibly for yours!

It’s a Fact that over one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day on Facebook.

If you are into direct sales, network, affiliate or internet marketing there is no doubt that Facebook marketing can help you achieve your business goals IF you do it right.

The problem is 97% of you are doing it WRONG!!!

That’s because the average marketer has not received any social media training and have not developed a smart marketing strategy.

Here are two ways I see marketers building their business wrong using Facebook and how to make the wrong—>Right:

1. Using Your PERSONAL Facebook Page To Market Your Business

Big NO-NO: Folks, if you are using your personal page to promote your business you will not only lose your Facebook friends, but potentially lose every REAL friend you are connected to on Facebook.

The Fix: Just keep your personal Facebook page personal as if you weren’t in business at all. If you want to promote your business, create a fan or business page, because when you find a prospect that’s showing interest in joining your business, if they’re smart, the first thing they’ll do is check out you personal Facebook page, and what they find will make the difference in whether they join you or run away from you as fast as possible!


spammer-nametagBig NO-NO: I see a lot of new or inexperienced marketers do this on face book A LOT! They spam their own Facebook walls with adds, company logos, or money pictures etc.

People do not join a business, people join people. But they won’t join you if they can’t see what you’re really like as a person, and someone who can be trusted.

If someone goes to your Facebook page and all they see is ads and posts about business, they’ll jump off your page as fast as they jumped on and that’s the last you’ll see of them. If you want to lose all of your friends just keep Spamming them with your business.

The Fix: Refer to Fix #1 above. But also STOP tagging your friends in your business opportunity post and photos. STOP sending links to you company’s webpage and finally STOP posting about your opportunity all the time. Its ok, to talk about things other than your business or making money.

Trust me your friends will appreciate it.

stop-email-spamRemember the real success you will have comes when you build relationships with people.

People do not join a business, people join people.

They definitely won’t join you if they can’t see what you’re really like as a person, and someone who can be trusted.

Hope this helps keep you from losing Your REAL Facebook Friends!

The Big Guru’s build relationships over time with other like minded people and use Lead Marketing Tools to attract people that are already looking for your business opportunity.

To Your Success!

 charles lenoir