Employees, affiliates and customers of Empower Network, a blogging, web marketing and leadership training company, will descend on Orlando in October for a training conference. The event marks the third year since the company’s founding.



The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando at 9801 International Dr. If you plan on going to convention make sure you purchase your convention tickets & book your rooms and airfare now. Discounted rooms for the event, though already nearly booked, are still available through the Hyatt Regency Orlando for those traveling to the event in Person.

Conference Tickets

Tickets for the Oct. 23-26 Fight the Forces of Evil event are available on Livestream for the price of $97.

Attendees can also purchase VIP LiveStream for Sunday, Oct. 26, which includes specialized in-depth training with Empower Network founder Dave Wood, for $297, ($200 commissions can be earned on this too).

quoteIt’s going to be a record-setting event that brings a whole new level of focus and momentum to the Empower Network business model. Attending the Fight the Forces of Evil event is an opportunity for the public to see a lot of the things Empower Network is working on in the lab, which include new products we are bringing to market.” Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO

Special Announcements

Attendees at the October event will have the opportunity to learn about Empower Network’s newest products, listen to company and affiliate leadership speak and receive training, as well has have the opportunity to be part of the Blog BETA group.

Empower Network Training Conference Final Thoughts

This is a great chance to meet all the leaders and catch the companies vision for 2014 and beyond.

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