Ever tried to throw a home party and have nobody show up?

Or spend a lot of time getting your product display all set up, laid out perfectly, and spend the money to get refreshments and appetizers laid out, only to have one or two people actually attend?

And they only buy a product because they feel sorry for you?

home party

That’s just embarrassing! Not only is it disappointing for you, but it’s a huge waste of time and money.

The thing is, people lead busy lives these days, and they don’t have time to drive all over town to attend a party unless it’s the weekend. And most people are busy enough that they don’t want to spend their weekends in your living room getting pitched on your product and opportunity.

Again, this worked fantastically back in the “good old days”, during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

However, times have changed, and the “party plan” is really a “sorry plan” for consistently recruiting new clients and business builders into your organization.

Sure, big companies like Amway, Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef and Mary Kay teach this strategy and for years their representatives have used home parties to build large, lucrative companies.

But this is an old and outdated way of building a business. The fact is, these types of “warm market” tactics have been taught in the direct sales industry for over 50 years. The problem, is that they stopped working about 45 years ago! LOL! Don’t feel too bad. I have been there myself. From day one in my business, I wanted to be a “Heavy Hitter”, one of the guys that get to walk across the stage at the events. But when people consistently don’t show up to your Home Parties And Home Meetings not only will you feel rejected but you will begin to doubt your self and may even feel you have been SCAMMED, ultimately you will probably quit.

So much for making a lot of money and walking across that stage, huh?

Truth is…

You Don’t Have To Use Those “Used-Car Salesman” Techniques Your Company Has Shown You To Grow Your Business

Learning how to MARKET is the key. You have to market to your target audience. Unless you know how to attract dozens of new distributors each week into your downline, you are going to have a very tough time building a huge organization and getting those big residual pay checks.

I’ve struggled in this industry for years. But when I began to do some research on the network marketing industry what I found shocked me. The Big Guru’s build relationships over time with other like minded people and use Lead Marketing Tools to attract people that are already looking for your business opportunity.

BOTTOMLINE:Unless You Know How To Market Like The Big Dogs Up On Stage, You Will Struggle To Add Just 2 Or 3 People Into Your Business Each Week!

Hope this helps!

To Your Success!

charles lenoir