As we prepare to welcome in a New Year I wanted to write a quick blog post on New Year’s Resolutions.

Let me start by asking, what is your New Year’s Resolution?

Along with losing weight, getting out of debt is the most popular New Year’s resolutions in the United States. In general, these resolutions like all others tend to be forgotten within the first weeks of the new year.

If you resolve to getting out of debt this year, here is my idea for not losing sight of that goal.

Don’t Focus on ZERO Debt

….instead focus on financial freedom!


Debt is at worst slavery, at best willful indentured servitude. It destroys dreams! If your family takes home $2,500 per month from your job after taxes, but your credit cards, loans, and rent or mortgage total $2,000 each month, you work only one-fifth of your hours for yourself. The remaining four-fifths of your time at your job is exclusively for your creditors.

You might as well just hand your paycheck over or work off your debt directly with the credit card companies. Unlike slavery, you are free to leave this arrangement, your job, at any time by quitting and looking for another job with a pay increase, but that is not always a simple or practical solution.

How Would Your Life Be Without Debt?

If it motivates you, think about what you would do with your freedom from debt. Without having to pay credit card companies, you would have the freedom to choose where your take-home pay goes. If you want to save up for a vacation, place pictures of your favorite getaway spot around your house.

Getting out of debt is one of the most important positive steps you can make for yourself and your family.

Make 2014 the year you finally clean up your finances!

In this blog I share information on how to improve your financial situation and your life!

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