In a previous post, “Drop Cards, A Great Way To Advertise” I shared with you Dollar bill drop cards or business cards another proven way to generate some leads offline. This technique has generated 10-15 leads a day for me. So I consider this method one of the best, if not the best, offline marketing tools to advertise and promote your business.


Here are some great places, the top 50 places to leave your drop cards. I do about an one hours time. This is also a great way to get some exercise.

Top 50 Places To Leave Your Drop Cards

  1. Doctor or Dental Office – If you go the doctors or dentist take some cards and put them in between the pages of the magazines in the waiting area.
  2. Department Store Chain – Target, Best Buy, Ross, K-Mart, Price Club- Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart
  3. Mechanics Waiting Room
  4. Laundromats
  5. College Campuses
  6. Back of Bathroom Stall Doors
  7. Library – Go to the Library and look for Books on Small Business or Homebase BIZ and put cards in the books as marker.
  8. Hair Salons
  9. Tax Preparation Offices
  10. Insurance Office
  11. Dry Cleaners
  12. Dairy Queen / Baskin Robbins
  13. Gyms and Health Clubs
  14. Doughnut or Bagel Shops
  15. Deli’s
  16. ATM’s
  17. Veterinarians
  18. Nail Salons
  19. Day Care Centers
  20. Retirement Homes
  21. MMalls Some do not let you but you can do around the outside businesses
  22. Real Estate Agent Offices
  23. Corner Stores
  24. In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines
  25. Airports
  26. With Toll Booth Collectors
  27. Grocery Store Clerks
  28. Video Stores
  29. Dressing Rooms
  30. Bank Tellers
  31. Shoe Stores
  32. Kids Resale Shops
  33. Gymboree Centers
  34. Temporary Staff Offices
  35. Flower Shops
  36. Restaurants – (Lunch time or 7:30 pm) With Your Tip at Restaurants
  37. Pet Stores
  38. Dance Studios
  39. Grocery Stores or Supermarket
  40. Parking Lots or Cars – When you place cards on cars make sure you place on the drivers side right above the door handle on the window. DO NOT put on the windshield they will never get it.
  41. Computer Stores
  42. School Administration Offices
  43. Fabric Stores
  44. The Bakery
  45. Print Shops
  46. Cashiers at Dealerships
  47. Tanning Salons
  48. Vitamin Stores
  49. Sales People At Any Store
  50. Movie Theater (go right after movie time)

magnetic-sponsoring-free-leads-bannerTop 50 Places To Leave Your Drop Cards

There you have it!

Of course there are many other places that you can use drop cards, use your imagination and have fun!

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To Your Success!
charles lenoir
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