Today I want to share with you another proven way to generate some leads offline.

Dollar bill drop cards or business cards are absolutely the best offline marketing tool to advertise and promote your business. You take the drop cards and put them in places where people will pick it up.

100 dollar drop cardsThey think they are picking up a hundred dollar bill. Once they realize that it is not a hundred dollar bill they will read what’s on the back out of curiosity. This is a really nice passive way to get interested people looking at your website or calling you.

Drop Cards VS. Business Cards

These drop cards are different than your business card. They are basically a business card, with a classified ad printed on it sending people to a website or sizzle call.

Every network marketer should be dropping these cards, everyday, everywhere they go. The most effective cards we have seen look like $100 bills. These drop cards are viral because people who pick them up, DON’T THROW THEM AWAY, and many times use them to play a joke on a friend, or family member.

20 dollar bill drop cardsI cannot tell you how many times over the years that the person who found the hundred dollar bill drop card didn’t call, but their friend or family member did. Powerful, very powerful and you can order these $100 bill drop cards by clicking the link below.

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Drop cards are the perfect way to advertise your business!

Look for my next article on how and where to use drop cards. So have fun with them!

To Your Success!
charles lenoir
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