Fellow Networker,

If you are having problems building a large team (getting new reps to join you) and creating a residual income, then PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

network marketerThe problems you have experienced are simply a result of not using the power of positioning to help people see you as the solution to their problem. The reason you are not dominating your market is not because there is something wrong with you, or with your company, or with your products and services.

You are just not using the proper positioning strategy to get people coming to you, asking for help with your products and services.

You see, one of the first key things to understand is that network marketing is a people-based business. It starts and ends with relationships.

internet marketing teamThat is one thing that most networkers understand – but the application that is taught by most uplines is all wrong.

People are taught to try and get their friends and family to “do them a favor”. They are taught to be secretive and elusive, to try and get their prospects on 3-way calls with the upline experts. They are taught to hand out free product samples, host home meetings and parties, and throw flyers on every car they see.

The average distributor is taught to say as little as possible, and just try to get their list of “warm contacts” to the local meeting or the party where the real expert (the upline guru) will present about the company and opportunity.

And that’s a BIG problem.

Think about it – if you try to do that with your potential business partners, what does that make YOU look like?

A leader?

Someone worth following?


That type of system positions you as a monkey – a gopher for someone else’s business. And remember – people don’t join businesses, they join OTHER PEOPLE.

And if you have positioned yourself as a tool for someone else’s business, then you now have positioning working AGAINST you.

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To Your Success!
charles lenoir

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