Did you know that the people who surround you also influence you?

If you hang around 9 millionaires then guess what… you’ll more than likely be the 10th!

BUT if you hang around 9 broke a$$ folks… then you’ll stay broke right along with them.


Surrounding yourself with people who think like you, talk like you and act like you greatly increases your chances of Success.

REAL TALK: Take a look around your “Inner Circle”…WHO’s influencing you???

For ME it’s only PPP (Positive People Period).

quoteYou are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, including yourself.” Jim Rohn

How about you? Are you hanging out with people you admire and respect? People who are further along the path than you are? People who are right where you want to be someday?

So Again I Ask Who’s In Your Crew???

quoteIf you are the smartest person in your inner circle, then you are in the wrong circle.”

To Your Health and Wealth!

charles lenoir

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