Have you heard that before?

scamNo matter what direct sales company you represent Avon, ACN, EPX Body, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Motor Club of America (MCA), World Ventures, ViSalus, etc etc….if you are involved in the industry long enough expect to hear your business opportunity and the company you represent to be a called a SCAM.

You can Google your company right now and put “Scam” at the end and you will see what I mean. There will be at least one or two forums, blog post, or websites saying your business opportunity is a scam and slamming your network marketing company.

business opportunity

–>If you are a Leader of a large organization you will also be targeted<–

Your Business Opportunity Is A SCAM, But Why?

Here are what I believe are the top two reasons why others will shout the “SCAM” word about your business opportunity.

Reason 1

Many people will say your business opportunity is a SCAM because they personally had little to no success or  completely failed at it. Yes, they are “the disgruntled”. Former members, agents, representatives or distributors that were excited when they initially signed up but discovered that you really do have to do some work and after 90 days and no income..QUIT!

Or perhaps they are “the upset” member. Mad at their sponsor because their sponsor refused to do all their work for them. Maybe they are even angry at the company. Blaming the founder(s) because they made no money at all. Usually a direct result of their lack of efforts or commitment. Instead looking at why they failed they just blame everyone, sponsor, company the industry etc etc.

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