This is a comprehensive WorldVentures Review and if you reading this then most likely you were searching to learn more about the company.

This is an unbiased WorldVentures Review.

In this review I will provide a general overview of the Company, Product(s), and Compensation plan which should be enough for you to make an informed decision on their business opportunity.

I’ll even discuss why you may seem some negative WorldVentures reviews, and how you can have success with this opportunity.

NOTE: Unbiased (meaning I am not a distributor of their products and I do not promote their business opportunity). Your decision to join or not join the WorldVentures business opportunity is entirely up to you.

Let’s get started!

WorldVentures Company Profile

COMPANY NAME: World Ventures, LLC
FOUNDER(S): Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent
COST: $99.95 (initial fee) +19.99 monthly (see more below)
REACH: Global – 28 countries

WorldVentures Marketing, LLC (AKA WorldVentures, World Ventures) is an international direct seller of vacation club memberships and helps people achieve more fun, freedom and fulfillment by offering award-winning DreamTrips, which include premium vacations at reduced prices.

WorldVentures is a United States based network marketing company that officially launched in 2005.

The company’s current leadership consist of: Dan Stammen (Co-owner and Chief of Business Development), Josh Paine (Chief Executive Officer), Eddie Head (President and Chief Strategy Officer), Mike Remedios (Chief Technology Officer), and Kathy McBrayer (Chief People Officer).

Is WorldVentures a member of the Better Business bureau?

No, WorldVentures Marketing, LLC is NOT a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business.

NOTE: Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, and some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation.

Their current BBB rating is C+ and the BBB file for this company opened 07/14/2006.

The company has had 325 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years ( 53 closed in last 12 months).  205 of the complaints were problems with the product/service. 

 Are there any Concerns or Red Flags about this opportunity?

Hand waving a red flag I really don’t have any major concerns or issues with this company, however I will say that the customers service department may need to provide better service.

Most of the complaints I reviewed seem to be magnified by the slow response by the customer service department to resolve the issue.

Also they are not a member of the Direct Selling Association.

What Are the Products?

worldventures review dreamtrips

The WorldVentures flagship product is DreamTrips™ (paid membership plans). 

The company offers discounted travel packages, car rental services, and more through DreamTrips™. 

These discounted travel packages are offered through a travel search engine called Rovia. 

There are three membership plan levels:

1) DreamTrips™ – $99.99 (one time fee) + $24.99/month. This is the basic package and gives members access to various luxury travel packages at a discount.

Members can also acquire points through a loyalty program. These points can only be used by each member on the trips he or she books and travels on.

2) DreamTrips™ Gold – $199.99 (one time fee)+ $49.99/month. This package builds on the basic package and includes:

  • Access to DreamTrips,
  • DreamDays, DreamNights and VolunTours,
  • DreamTrips extras: airport transfers, welcome receptions, hosts, excursions and activities
  • DreamTrips Rewards program, RateShrinker,
  • Exclusive travel deals year-round,
  • Flight accident insurance,
  • DreamTrips Exclusive Deals,
  • Access to MarketPlace,
  • DreamTrips Local
  • DreamTrips Mall,
  • DreamTrips concierge,
  • Personal website,
  • Airport parking and limousine service discount

3) DreamTrips™ Platinum – $299.99 (one time fee) + $99.99/month. This package includes everything at the DreamTrips Gold level, plus:

  • Access to exclusive DreamTrips Platinum experiences
  • Trip-specific Upgrades on Many DreamTrips, such as resort credits, room upgrades, lift tickets, green fees, spa discounts, culinary classes and more.
  • Ability to use 50 percent more DreamTrips Points
  • Emergency evacuation services
  • Seven-day advance booking access to all DreamTrips

To see a complete breakdown of membership packages, click here

Read on for a full review of the WorldVentures business opportunity

How do I join the business opportunity?

Find a WorldVentures representative near you or online.

You CAN’T go directly to the company website and join without a representative (your sponsor’s) ID number. If you do not have a sponsor you will have to contact the company.

To become a member of WorldVentures requires an initial fee of $99.95 + $19.99 a month.

Representatives earn commissions based on the sell of DreamTrips™ memberships. Higher commissions are generated by the sell of the Gold and Platinum packages.

After enrolling new representatives will receive access to the Representative Business System (RBS), an online system that includes three personalized video-driven Marketing Websites, a Back Office to track and manage the business, as well as an online Training Program with Sales and Marketing Tools to help build the business.

Once you’re enrolled as a new WorldVentures member, you can start building your business immediately.

NOTE: During enrollment 

How to promote the products

WorldVentures encourages promotion of their DreamTrips membership product line through person to person contact or Word-of-Mouth marketing and hosting home parties.

Most representatives typically engage their warm market (friends, family members co-workers, etc) and trying to persuade them to become their customers or join the company to become a WorldVentures representative.

This is not the ideal way to build your business and is why most representatives experience a lot of rejection.

Can you make money with this opportunity? YES and NO!

smiley-faceI say YES if you can effectively recruit others into the company as representatives and persuade them to join the DreamTrips Gold or Platinum membership levels. You will earn a commission on the initial fee and monthly autoship (reoccurring fee).


I say NO because the majority of network marketers never recruit anyone. In fact the industry average is actually 1.5, so what does that tell you? Chances are you will not even make your money back.

You need to understand that if you are new to the direct sales and network marketing industry that your success will come from your ability to get new prospects or generate continuous leads in order to make sales.

You will also need to recruit others and build a large team.

Even experienced network marketers might work hard to build large teams and still not produce the life changing income stream they desire.

You can make some money with this opportunity but it may be difficult for a newbie (new to marketing or sales) to make monthly quotas and generate a residual income stream.

Here is absolutely the best part of this business opportunity review.

I will not only share with you how you can actually make money from your WorldVentures business but exactly what the top leaders are doing to earn 6 figure incomes.

How the top earners make money with this opportunity

It really simple.

Top earners know how to effectively brand themselves in order to generate an endless flow of quality leads for their business.

You need to attract a large following in order to recruit others and make sales to effectively take advantage of any network marketing compensation plan that building a downline.

Want to know how to attract high quality prospects to your business and start building a huge downline?

Here is where you need to start.

The top earners who are making money in WorldVentures are great at marketing, both offline and online.

They know how to generate traffic and leads, and then convert those leads into sales, and they know how to recruit the best people into their business.

Not having a good lead marketing system is also why most WorldVentures representatives will fail; because they follow the masses and get the same old results.

The Compensation Plan

The WorldVentures compensation plan is a binary plan.


NOTE: A network marketing Binary Plan is a compensation plan in which distributors are placed in a binary (two legged) tree structure, or a left and a right subtree in the organization. It pays to infinite downline. That means that a member will be paid by downline, even if the downline are 15 level deep in your structure. It is the most popular plan among network marketing companies, network marketers, part-timers and members who want to earn through network marketing business.

Representatives must be “Active” to be eligible to accumulate sales credit or to earn specific commissions and bonuses. A Representative becomes/remains Active by paying his/her monthly RBS fee.

The compensation plan is too complex to explain in writing but here are some of the main points and highlights.

  • Once the Representative becomes Active, he/she begins to accumulate sales credit toward earning commissions and bonuses.
  • You have the ability to earn on more depth in your organization as you advance through the ranks and build a large enough team.
  • Representatives earn commissions based on the sales volume of each  representative on the first level within their organization, 5% on the second level, and 4% on the third through fifth levels.
  • The company pays commissions to representatives each month based on the volume of their loyal customers, and their representatives, and their representatives recruits (downline), and their loyal customers!


To learn more click here for an overview of the WorldVentures compensation plan.

  • There are nine promotional levels – Enrolled Rep (ER), Active Rep (AR), Qualified Rep (Q), Senior Rep (SR), Director (DIR), Marketing Director (MD), Regional Marketing Director (RMD), National Marketing Director (NMD) and International Marketing Director (IMD)  .
  • Pays out weekly and monthly for all bonuses & commissions.
  • Pays infinite levels down

Is the business opportunity right for YOU?

Possibly, if you love to travel and are interested in starting a home business by promoting vacations and travel memberships this may be a good fit for you!

Here are the facts

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect and induced) of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016.

Travel is among the top 10 industries in 49 states and D.C. in terms of employment.

Direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $683.1 billion in 2016.

Spending on leisure travel generated $106.4 billion in tax revenue and nearly 4 out of 5 domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes (79%).

So I’ll say it again the travel industry can be a great income opportunity for you.

There is only one problem….

80% of WorldVentures Representatives will NOT make Money!

In fact, most will lose money.

Don’t believe me? Read the company’s most recent income disclosure statement for 2016

What you will find is that most distributors don’t make much money.

Only 20.05% (45,148 US) of all Independent Sales Representatives (IRS) (225,742 US) made commissions, while 79.95% (180,481 US) didn’t make one red cent!

The average annual commission or override earnings of that group of IRS who earned a commission or override was just $1763.43 and the median was $200.00.

So don’t quit your day job just yet.

If you are interested in WorldVentures because of the business opportunity or solely looking to make money then my advice is not to join.

Chances are you will fail.

If you expect to sign up and instantly start to make money without a lead marketing system, or a huge list of followers let me be the first to tell you … YOU WILL FAIL!!!

Unfortunately this is the RAW UNFILTERED TRUTH about network marketing and unless you do something radically different than the other representatives in WorldVentures you can look forward to the same pitiful results.

The problem is that a lot of people join this company and then don’t want to do ANYTHING to develop the skills necessary to stand out from the thousands of other representatives in the company.

Your success a or FAILURE as a representative will ultimately be determined by how many people you can attract to you and your team.

Without understanding Attraction Marketing principles, you will always be at a serious disadvantage. If you want the best chance at success in your WorldVentures business, you also need to learn Attraction Marketing principles.

Click here for my FREE 3 DAY LIVE virtual training webclass to learn about attraction marketing.

By using attraction marketing, learning a few marketing skills, and leveraging the power of the internet, you can succeed where the other 80% fail.

Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons to give you a better idea.

 The Pros

  • Residual commissions on membership fees
  • Products – offer travel memberships in a profitable industry.
  • Monthly Fees Waiver – four active memberships at any membership level will qualify you for waived fees
  • Bonus Programs – Weekly Bonuses, Lifestyle Bonus, DreamCar Bonus and DreamHome Bonus
  • International business opportunity available in many countries outside the U.S.
  • No. 1 in the list of Top U.S. Mid-Market Companies ($300M to $999M) with $926.6M
  • No. 1 in Consistent Growth from 2009 to 2016 with a 927% increase
  • No. 2 in the $100 Million Growth Club (we grew $233M in 2016)
  • No. 12 in the top 20 U.S. Companies
  • No. 25 rank on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list

 The Cons

  • High start up cost (gold & above)
  • Product – Travel Packages do not include Flight
  • Product – The travel packages are not private meaning you will be travelling with other members of WorldVentures.
  • Must purchase the product (DreamTrips membership package) and the Representative Business System (RBS) to earn commissions.
  • Production based comp plan that will require heavy recruiting and building large teams to sustain and maximize income potential.
  • Must be a Senior Representative – Have 60 customers (30 right leg & 30 left leg), to qualify for monthly residual income.

Final Thoughts

Please continue to read as many reviews on WorldVentures as you possibly can while  researching this company.

Looking at a company’s website traffic is often a good indicator on how much momentum the company has or if there is a lot of interest in the company.

At the time of this post, interest in the company has sharply declined since September 2017 so consider this in your decision making process.

You should always make sure you get to know as much about the company as you can before making a decision.

But also understand that if you are new to the direct sales and network marketing industry that your success will come from your ability to generate continuous leads in order to make sales.

young living review business opportunityIn my opinion WorldVentures is a stable network marketing company and not much different then other company’s in the industry.

So if you are interested in travelling or the travel industry and feel comfortable with their product then WorldVentures is certainly a business opportunity worth looking into.

Remember, it may be difficult for a newbie to make any real money with this company and even experienced network marketers can work hard to build large teams and still not produce a life changing income stream.

Remember, success in network marketing is not a huge mystery. It is just a matter of correct education, proper skills and taking action.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

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