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I applaud you for taking time to conduct your due diligence and research the internet.

I will attempt to provide enough information about the Company, Product(s), and Compensation plan for you to be able to make an informed decision.

Let me start off by saying this is an unbiased review and I’m not an affiliated in anyway with the company, but I have helped people in many different companies produce results online.

But let’s  just focus on It Works and if it is the right business opportunity for you!

NOTE: Unbiased (meaning I am not a distributor of their products and I do not promote their business opportunity). Your decision to join or not join the It Works business opportunity is entirely up to you.

Now let’s get to it!

it works logoCOMPANY NAME: It Works!
INDUSTRY: Health and Wellness
FOUNDER: Mark Pentecost (President and CEO)
COST: $99 limited time, (normally $199)
REACH: Global;  Currently operating in USA and 14 other countries.

Founded in 2001, It Works! Global is a direct selling company that offers beauty and wellness products.

It is a debt-free company that continues to and expand all over the world.

It Works is the brain child of Mark & Cindy Pentecost. Mark has a background in the direct sales industry becoming a top-ten earner in the telecommunications company he was a part of in the 90s.

It Works Mission: To empower people to do great things and change their lives—inside and out.

What Are the Products?

It Works! offers skin care and nutrition products.

business opportunity reviewThe company claims that each of their products is formulated by leading scientists, herbalists, and researchers who integrate innovative technology and the finest in naturally based ingredients into their work. 

It Works! product line also includes:

It Works’ flagship product is the Ultimate Body Applicator, which the company states is,

a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results when applied to the skin.”

ultimate body applicator it works

How to promote the products

It Works! distributors host a “wrap party” as a fun way to share the It Works body wrap, other products, and the business opportunity with friends and family.

The party is centered on guests trying the wrap for themselves, relaxing with friends, and then finding out what ‘magic’ the wrapped worked!

Some distributors also promote their products through social media and use of the internet.

NOTE: A lot of inexperienced It Works! distributors are spamming Facebook and Instagram walls. Read this post “The quickest way to lose your Real and Facebook friends”  before advertise on Facebook. 

So how do I get in the It Works millionaires club?

it works

Top leaders in the network marketing industry are starting to take notice of the It Works business opportunity.

These top industry leaders build their businesses totally different than the masses do.

The top earners who are making money in It Works are great at marketing, both offline and online.

They know how to generate traffic and leads, and then convert those leads into sales, and they know how to recruit the best people into their works

The teams that seem to be successful are using lead marketing tools in order to train their group on internet marketing techniques and give them the tools and knowledge to generate their own online leads.

If you want to become a top producer, you will need a powerful lead marketing system to foster and build a relationship with your prospects.

Not having a lead marketing system is why most It Works will fail; because they follow the masses and get the same old results.

The Compensation Plan

The It Works compensation plan is a unilevel with compression.

What is a unilevel plan with compression mean?

This means is you can only recruit people front-line to you.

The more people you personally sponsor, the wider your organization grows.

You also earn a percentage through a certain number of levels of distributors within your organization. The higher the rank you achieve, the more levels from which you can earn commissions.

Example: If a company decides to pay $0.50 of every dollar earned to distributors, it will not stop at a fixed depth level. This means that if distributors, who are too deep in the plan for you to get payment on normally, are inactive (do not qualify for a commission payment), then the remaining commission will flow up levels in the plan to the next qualified person and the complete $0.50 will be paid out.

Now the It Works compensation plan pays 10% down to two (2) levels deep.

You have the ability to earn on more depth in your organization as you advance through the ranks.

The company pays commissions to distributors each month based on the volume of their loyal customers, and their distributors, and their distributors recruits (downline), and loyal customers!

For a more detailed look the full  It Works! compensation plan here.

To earn commissions as an It Works Global distributor and to be ‘active’, you have to have 80 Bonus Volume (roughly $80-$100 worth of products) shipped every month.

An It Works! Global Distributor must complete one of the following to be commission qualified:

  1. Purchase a Business Builder Kit during the calendar month.
  2. Successfully process a minimum $80 BV auto-shipment during the calendar month. (Just having a minimum 80 BV auto-shipment set up does not make you commission qualified, it must have already processed).
  3. Have at least 400 Personal Business Volume (PBV).

Well this is a comprehensive It Works Business Opportunity review, right?

Then let’s look at the pros as well as the cons.

 The Pros

  • Residual income opportunity on product reorders (autoship).
  • Low start up cost.
  • Well established company over 10 years old, debt free and still growing; has less than 100,000 representatives.
  • The business is available in many countries outside the U.S.
  • Reps receive a replicated website
  • Tangible Products.
  • Bonuses. Fast Start Bonus, Loyal Customer Bonus and Generation Bonus, $120 Distributor Rebate Credit.

And The Cons

    • To be commission and bonus qualified, the distributor will need to be on an autoship (minimum $80 BV) .
    • Flagship product (body wraps) do not work for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin and the results are only temporary so customers must continue to use the wraps, along with some type of weight loss program.
    • Requires a three month commitment for the customer to receive discounted prices.
    • Primarily targets woman although men can get wraps too.
    • Hidden cost: replicated website is free for your first month and then $20/month thereafter.
    • Annual Renewal Fee: Distributors must renew their Distributor Agreement each year by paying an annual renewal fee of $35.

Is the It Works business opportunity right for YOU?

worriedwomanIf you are interested in promoting/selling body wraps and supplements then It Works may be a good fit for you!

To join It Works and become a distributor you must purchase the startup kit for $99:

Once you’re registered as a independent distributor, you can start building your business.

The Shocking TRUTH…most distributors FAIL

Unfortunately, if your looking at It Works! solely for the purpose of the compensation plan and you are an inexperienced marketer without the drive and ambition to make a serious change in your life, It Works! probably isn’t for you.

You may have been told that talking to your friends and family about It Works! is the best way to get started.

Although that is certainly true to get started quickly, for most people it is not a long term strategy that will result in significant income.

I’m assuming that we haven’t personally met yet and that I haven’t gotten to know you.

So, I’m going to be pretty blunt here.

If you expect to sign up and instantly start to make money without understanding how to quickly sponsor new distributors and a lead marketing system, let me be the first to tell you … YOU WILL FAIL!!!

These two main reasons that cause reps to fail in It Works!: 1) No customers (leads) and 2) lack of marketing experience.

The problem is that a lot of people join It Works and then don’t want to do ANYTHING to promote their business. Even though there are built-in advertising opportunities that can do 90% of the work for you, some people amazingly don’t get involved.

Your success as a distributor will ultimately be determined by how many people you can attract to you and your team. Without understanding Attraction Marketing principles, you will always be at a serious disadvantage.

If you want the best chance at success in your It Works! business, you also need to learn Attraction Marketing principles.

Click here for a FREE 3 day virtual training bootcamp to learn about attraction marketing.

By using attraction marketing, learning a few marketing skills, and leveraging the power of the internet, you can succeed where the other 95% fail.

Final Thoughts

You should always make sure you get to know as much about the company as you can before making a decision.

So continue to read as many It Works reviews as you possibly can while  researching this company.

Please understand that if you are new to the direct sales and network marketing industry that your success will come from your ability to generate continuous leads in order to make sales.

you-decideIn my opinion It Works is a stable and well established direct sales and network marketing company.

They are even expanding internationally.

If you are interested in the heath and wellness industry and feel comfortable with their products, then It Works is certainly a business opportunity worth looking into.

Out of the top 25 network marketing companies 22 are health and wellness companies.

If you do a search on Google for this company and products, you will find some  negative websites, blogs and consumer comments, but that is typical for any business.

How the company handles the complaints is key.

Remember, success in network marketing is not a huge mystery. It is just a matter of correct education, proper skills and effective action.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

Your comments are welcomed below, if you are a It Works! Global distributor please share your experiences.