Why Email Marketing?

No matter what type of organization you run, email marketing can help you grow your audience and convert prospects into loyal customers – at a fraction of the cost of most other marketing channels.

You can build relationships and brand recognition. Promote events and sales. Plus, it’s easy to coordinate email content with social media. And with the right tools and support at your fingertips, you can achieve all of that – no design or coding experience needed.

I Heart AWeber.com

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Automate You Email

Aweber email marketing tools like professional email signup forms & autoresponder services make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects. If you do not have an autoresponder you are working to hard.

Autoresponders automatically deliver a series of emails to immediately engage new opt-in subscribers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Aweber charges $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers, you do have the opportunity to trial it for a month for just $1 (and if you decide it isn’t for you within the first 30 days, Aweber will even refund your precious dollar!).

If you are new to internet marketing having an autoresponder service is a must.

Aweber email marketing autoresponderI’ve been using their service for years and love it!  It has saved me countless number of man hours.

Although there are other companies you can choose

I Recommend AWeber for Email Marketing

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