By now if you have not heard of the death of mega pop star Prince then you have probably been sleeping under a rock! prince

The shocking death of the legendary rock and roll icon still has all of us that grew up in the 80s in unbelief that he is really dead at the young age of 57. News coverage on his death has been constant as with any death of an icon.

Prince truly impacted the world with his music and now he is gone but in this tragedy there are some lessons I think we can all learn and apply, Professional or Personally to our lives.


7 Lessons We Can All Learn From The Death of PRINCE

1 – Be Yourself

Did you know Prince was bullied in school? MSNBC’s Brian Williams talked with Prince’s biographer, Toure, about that and more. Prince revealed that he used to be picked on by others for being different. Don’t worry about what others think or say about you. Be yourself you never know where it may take you.

 2 – Discover Your Gift

Prince discovered at an early age he was a talented musician. If you have not discovered your gift spend some time searching deep within yourself to see what it is you love doing and very good at. We all have something special we can do better than anyone else. What is your gift?

 3 – Be Passionate

There is no doubt that Prince loved being a musician and he loved music. He put his live and soul into pursuing his dreams. There are reports that Prince ‘worked 154 hours straight’ before his death. When you are passionate about something you will spend a lot of time doing whatever it is you are passionate about. What are you passionate about?

 4 – Develop Your Talent

It has been reported that Prince could play 29 instruments and on a lot of his songs he played EVERY single instrument for the recording. Prince spent his life developing his talent and his skills until he mastered them.

 5 – Share Your Gift With Others

prince guitarPrince had over 30 albums and sold millions of records.

It has been reported, his former manager Owen Husney, who helped Prince get his first recording contract when he was still a teen, there is indeed a cache of hundreds, even thousands, of unreleased Prince recordings that could push the value of his estate as high as $500 million.

When you share your gift with others you will reap the benefits.

6 – Find A Cause To Support

Prince was a quiet social activist and had a bigger commitment to social justice than most people realize. Behind the scenes he stood up for the family of Trayvon Martin’s by contributing financially to the Trayvon Martin foundation or even speaking out about Black Lives Matter in venues like the Grammy Awards . What are you willing to stand up for?

7 – Fight For Your Beliefs

Early in his career Prince challenged his label Warner Brothers.He also stood up for the rights of other artist and musicians. He wanted to make sure Artist got credit for their work. When you strongly believe in something don’t be afraid to fight for it.

Prince black white

Prince, 1958-2016

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Rest in Peace Prince, you will be Missed!

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