Are you looking for a way to make money on facebook? Did you know that you can make money with your facebook photos? Are you an attractive woman posting your facebook photos for the world to see?

If you have a profile on Facebook and you are posting your photos on facebook you might want to pay close attention!

I see beautiful ladies posting their bathroom snapshots, casual and even professional modeling photos on Facebook all the time.

Most of these attractive (even non-attractive) women have even built a rather large male following (and even some females) by posting a wide variety of photos of themselves.

But What if You Knew Of A Way To Make Money Using Your Facebook Photos?

Let me ask you a question, do you receive a bunch of likes from friends and followers every time you post your photos on Facebook???facebook photosI have personally witnessed some of my attractive female friends post a picture of themselves and receive up to 150 Facebook ”Likes” in a matter of minutes after posting their Facebook photos.


This attractive female received over 35K likes and over 1k shares( even though she was sporting a Dallas cowboy jersey with Tony Romo’s number!) :)


Question #2: Do you have a rather large friends or followers list?

Just the other day I noticed one of my facebook female friends had accumulated a large number of facebook “Friends”. She has almost 5,000 friends! I know others that have a huge twitter following too!

Note: The limit on any Facebook personal page is 5k for “friends”. I believe after you reach the limit you can only have followers.

Look at the results these attractive ladies received after posting their photos on facebook


Well, ladies and gents as an online marketer I believe you are missing a golden opportunity here with your facebook photos. Unfortunately many attractive females and males do not take advantage of their huge social media following.

Don’t Be Stupid!

You have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize financially and create a lucrative income stream and you probably don’t even know it. So put your business hat on and start thinking money while I tell you…

How To Make Money With Your Photos On Facebook

What if you could cash in every time you posted your Facebook photos. Heck you are going to do it anyway so why not get something out of it financially?

Let’s create a formula and say one Facebook like=one dollar or (1FB like=$1). Remember when I said earlier that I had a friend post her Facebook photos and in minutes  she had 150 hits or likes!! Using that example, posting a picture could potentially net her $150 in a few short minutes. Not bad right?

What if this happened to you 4 or 5 times a day? Now you are looking at ($600-$750) in a day of playing around on Facebook. Just think if you could deposit those earnings directly into your bank account daily! Would you be willing to change a little of what you do to explode your bank account and start generating a residual income now using your Facebook photos?

Well if you said YES, I can show you how to turn your Photos into Profit using Facebook and other social media outlets. Guess what there are already thousands of people utilizing the technique that I am about to reveal below.

OK, I am Interested So What Do You Have To Do?

STEP 1: You have to have a blog, but not just any blog. You need a blog that has authority and ranks high in the search engines.

STEP 2: Once you have your blog the next step is to start writing blog posts. Within your post you can insert the same pictures you would normally share on Facebook. Like I did in this post!

STEP 3: Publish your blog post with your photo or photos you want to share on facebook. Then share your blog post link on Facebook in a status update for all your friends or friends of friends to see. Now to see your photos they will have to click on the link which will take them to your blog (your website).

Why Send My Facebook Friends To My Blog?

Ah ha. In marketing we call this driving traffic to your business. Traffic =$$$$.

Instead of sharing your Facebook photos directly on Facebook so only Facebook cashes in on your traffic, now you will cash in! Why should Facebook profit off of your Facebook photos? I will teach you how turn your blog into a cash producing machine!!! You see once your visitors are on your blog,  4 out of every 10 visitors  (40%) will click on your side advertisements. At least one (1) or two (2) will purchase one of your affiliate products.

It’s That Simple!

Hey, maybe you are selling a calendar like the banner ad below.

CalendarOr perhaps you are selling a book, posters, etc.. Maybe you are a network marketer and looking to sell your wellness products or telecommunication services, the point is once a person is in the store chances are they will not leave empty handed.

Imagine receiving 1000 Facebook friends checking out your photos then 10 of them buying a reoccurring product at a cost of $100 a month. That’s a residual income of $1000!


I have only shared part of the secret to learn more you have to CONTACT ME and I’ll show you how to turn your Facebook photos into cash.  This simple technique is earning me and my friends thousands of dollars a month. By the way, men can utilize this technique too. Hot attractive males receive lots of attention for their Facebook photos too!

Hope you enjoyed…

The Secret To Making Money Using Facebook Photos

To Your Success!

charles lenoir

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