If you have not heard yet, the Kalatu Blogging Platform is in Beta Testing Phase and is expected to be officially released to the masses in early 2015. This is Empower Networks third version of their viral blogging platform.



The first version of Empower Network’s blog (EN1) used the WordPress platform and within a month they had maxed out the WordPress server with the viral growth the company was experiencing. Many members reported their blog post ranking on the 1st page of Google for searches.

The second version of Empower Network’s blog (EN2) also known as Blog Beast was the company’s attempt to create their own blogging platform (Empower dropped the use of WordPress).  The new platform was a complete disaster. Members reported a significant drop in search engine rankings.

Empower Network Founder, David Woods, would later admit that moving away from the WordPress platform was a mistake.

Kalatu is currently in beta testing phase

kalatu blog platformEmpower Network Version 3 (EN3) is known as Kalatu. The new version marks the 3rd anniversary of the company and it’s also bringing multiple changes/improvements to their infrastructure. It is currently in beta testing with a select group of Empower Network members using it.

As part of these changes Empower Network is introducing a new “state of the art” blogging platform that will allow users to take advantage of all of the benefits of a Word press site.

Yes, Empower Network is returning back to WordPress platform.

Why is it called Kalatu?

This particular name was chosen because in the Aboriginal language Kalatu means, “tell a story “, which is what every blogger and specially the daily blogger does when they write.

Some of the Kalatu Features

  • Utilizes latest WordPress 4.0 platform
  • Professionally design website that can be use to sale and market any product or service
  • Multiple easy customizable themes and widgets suited for any small business.
  • Pre-installed plugins, simply activate the ones you want.
  • Low cost only $25 a month (includes hosting)
  • Allow multiple blog creation hosted for same low cost and control your multiple Kalatu Blogs and websites from a central location
  • More options including theme and new specialized plug ins as well.
  • Can be used to promote any product and/or service.
  • No requirement to be an affiliate of the Empower Network to use this new platform.

Kalatu is WordPress based, but without all the technology challenges, hassles, and costs that come with building and hosting your own word press website. Appears to be perfect for the novice blogger. Kalatu blogging platform is a plug and play system that helps inexperienced bloggers avoid the pitfalls associated with creating, building and monetizing a blog.

For the inauguration of Kalatu, Empower Network is starting a 21 day blogging challenge with a specific template to help you brainstorm ideas and create worthy content that will be sure to attract buyers and future prospects to your website. Also if you are new to blogging you will definitely learn a few strategies that will maximize your blogging efforts and get you closer to your desire results.

NOTE: Empower Network is largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online, as well as provides high-level educational products and services to online marketers. The company has created a group of 14 millionaires and over 300 people with reported earnings of $100.000 – $500.000 thousand. Since its initial launched in 2011, the company has paid out over 150 million in commissions to affiliates in just 3 years, an impressive statistic for any company in such a short period of time.

To Your Success!

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