If you are looking for information on the Empower Network Generation Hero Live Stream event you have found it!

The Generation Hero Live Stream was a Four Day event located in beautiful Miami, Florida.


David Wood, the Founder of Empower Network, hosted the event in a  12,000 square foot mansion on a the same  private island Al Capone once lived in Miami.

There were 71 entrepreneurs allowed to attend that David Wood personally invited. The rest of the field could only attend by webcast (live stream). The live stream was broad cast in three other languages besides English – Spanish, German & Portuguese.

As part of the Generation Hero Mastermind we had the very unique opportunity to see the behind the scenes process as Dave and the leaders in the room planned and then recorded a series of sales videos.


Generation Hero Live Stream Details

William White, David Wood’s brother, is a coach and throughout the mastermind taught a lot of emotional energy exercises.

Did you realize that your posture effects our energy and emotions?

— ‘You cannot hide a thought’ William Wood

The first day started with the leaders confronting their inner fears by “fire-walking” and “board breaking”.

The next day Dave went over the old Empower Network compensation plan and the reasons for why he decided to change and design the new Uni-Line compensation plan. The plan was changed to put even more money in the pocket of affiliates and capitalize on affiliates that quit the business.


Dave taught us what to say and why people buy by watching the leadership go through the process live and unfiltered.

Dave opened up about his struggles in the network marketing industry before founding Empower Network.

ATTN: In full disclosure I am an affiliate and a proud member of Empower Network’s Dream Team!DreamTeamLogo-Charles

What I really love about David Wood is his genuine love for the people. He is not all about making money but more about helping others achieve their dreams. He has been open and more transparent than any other leader and company within the industry.

I believe this why the Empower network community has grown faster and outlasted many of their competitors.

Empower Network has generated over 184 million dollars in sales in just over 4 years and Dave’s vision is to create 100 millionaires a year. His new secret concept titled “Project Titan” is poised to do just that.


The evening of the third day held a open webcast to the public members. Dave along with the other leaders shared their formula for sponsoring hundreds of members with very little resistance… arn exactly how Dave Wood is able to sell literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of products LIVE on a webcast that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

The final day Dave went over the purpose of the Empower Network 8 Core Commitments. These are designed to create dedication, consistency, personal growth and education, and are your blueprint to rapid success and how to turn consistent daily actions into consistent MASSIVE pay days.

Core Commitment 1 – Be a Product of the Product
Core Commitment 2 – Blog Daily
Core Commitment 3 – Market Daily
Core Commitment 4 – New Member Coaching
Core Commitment 5 – Daily Audio
Core Commitment 6 – Read Daily
 Core Commitment 7 – Empower Hour
Core Commitment 8 – Attend All the Events

Dave also went through the sales process.


Dave Wood is positioning Empower Network to be around for the long term.

Invest in your personal development and business education. None of the Leaders got to where they are over night. Many spent $10-30K dollars on their personal development and training.

Monitor your energy levels and watch negative thoughts – they not only impact you but could potentially impact everyone around you.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail.

Be consistent, follow the 8 core commitments.

Make sure you understand the compensation plan well enough to reach your financial goals.

So when is the Empower Network next event?

The next event is ‘UNLEASH’ and will be held in Nashville, TN from April 21-26. Tickets are on sale now!


Why Should You Go To The Empower Network Unleash Event?

Attending networking events are truly worth their weight in gold.  And they are NECESSARY if you’re really serious about creating life changing income with your business.

You will have an opportunity to meet the company leadership and here from the Top Empower Network affiliates in the company. You will learn how these top affiliates overcame some of the same issues, concerns and objections that you might be dealing with RIGHT now. Here how They overcame them with the drive that was needed for success and you can too.

Its your chance to increase your level of knowledge and take that knowledge back home to jump start your business and increase your productivity over those who did not think it was important enough to attend.

quoteWhen you get a room filled with like minded motivated, and committed people something magical happens!”

If your sponsor is NOT really pushing you to get to the Unleashed event then you have to ask yourself, why? Maybe they really don’t care about your success or theirs either for that matter.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

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