Are you an entrepreneur with an employee mindset?

Well if you are and you try to operate your business while thinking like an employee then you my friend are setting yourself up for failure.

So in today’s post I want to tell you how to get rid of your employee mindset in order to start getting the results that you desire with your business.

…whether that’s making a few thousands of dollars a month or six-figures and beyond.

It’s really not your fault that you think like an employee. In a way we have all been brainwashed.

You see we have been conditioned since birth to believe that the only way to be successful in life is to get a college education, then get a high paying job, in order to make enough money to live a comfortable life until we can eventually retire.

We are taught in school to be employees and to follow “the system” so from the very start of our lives we develop an employee mindset.

We are not taught in school to be free thinkers or entrepreneurs and even discouraged to have an entrepreneur mindset.

What separates the masses from the top 3% of all the wealthy people in the world?