David Wood Prepares To Launch Top Producer Formula

david wood top producer formulaDavid Wood, co-founder of Empower Network, will soon be releasing a new product!

On Saturday, August 23rd at 2pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) David Wood will be conducting a live webcast event to officially launch a new marketing product called Top Producer Formula.

Empowe.r Network has generated over $160 million in commissions for affiliate  since October 2011.

What is the Top Producer Formula?top-producer-formula-logo

According to David Wood this product is suppose to reveal his insider secrets to recruiting and marketing that made him one of the industry’s a top internet marketer’s.

The Top Producer Formula is broken down into thirteen modules, which are suppose to teach you everything you need to know to make a serious income online:

Module 1: Get Your Product Noticed, Then Sell It

Module 2: Your Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceptions.

Module 3: Master the Production of Your Lead Capture Pages

Module 4: Hone Your Strategy and the Mechanics Behind It

Module 5: Make Connections, Form Relationships, and Develop Rapport

Module 6: Discover Specific Leads

david wood top producer formula

Module 7: Making Business Deals on the Phone

Module 8: Learn How to Upsell Individuals and Obtain Their Loyalty

Module 9: Create a Great Formula For Your Presentation

Module 10: Strategy for Live Internet Events

Module 11: Strategy For Live Local Events

Module 12: Try to Create as Many Live Groups as Possible

Module 13: Pave the Path For Your Future

Dozens of millionaires and 100’s of six figure earners have been created as a result of David’s teachings.

Top Producer Formula

In conclusion, the Top Producer Formula is suppose to reveal the science and art behind recruiting and selling, delivered via a kid-simple, fun to learn formula.

To Your Success!
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