Have you heard of Gentlemen Versus Swag (GvS)? If not, let’s start with the founder Michael Snell.

Note: SWAG = She Wants A Gentleman.

Who is Michael Snell?

Michael Snell Gentlemen Versus Swag GvSMichael D. Snell is a native of Pensacola, currently active duty officer in the United States Army assigned in Seoul, Korea.

Snell is an author that recently released a new book titled, Dress Your Way to Success.

Snell is also the owner of GvS Custom Clothier, LLC.

Mr. Snell obviously has a passion for fashion.  He has worked hard over the years to develop his personal brand in Gentleman’s fashion.


Gentlemen Versus Swag (GvS) The Movement


To reclaim our streets from those violating dress codes across the world and eradicate Saggin!

According to Wikipedia,

quoteSagging is a manner of wearing trousers or jeans which sag so that the top of the trousers or jeans are significantly below the waist, sometimes revealing much of the underwear. Sagging is predominantly a male fashion.”

In 2013 Snell created the Gentlemen vs Swag Facebook group focused on “The Rebirth of Gentlemen.”

The result? A movement that not only challenges men to dress sharper but more importantly, act like a gentleman.  

At the time of this post the group currently has over 22,700 members and more joining each day. It is a well organized and structured group with actively participating members from all over the world.

Listed below is an example of the daily topics/conversation:

Monday: “Motivation Monday”. Members post and share inspirational and motivational topics.
Tuesday:”Shoe and Sock”. Members post and share shoe and sock combinations they admire.
Wednesday: “Wellness Wednesday”. Members post and share health and fitness topics.
Thursday: “Watch day”. Members post and share or ask questions about time pieces.
Friday: “Financial Friday”. Members post and share topics related to debt elimination, building wealth or business opportunities.
Saturday: “Family day photo of you and your wife & children.
Sunday: “Suit up Sunday’s”. Members post and share pictures of their Sunday best outfit.

Although the general theme of the group is fashion (what is appropriate style we want to see  men in society wear), the true purpose is to  address why men have fallen so far away from their duties and responsibilities as Gentlemen.

Watch This Video Interview With Michael Snell

GvS Clothier The Company

GvS Custom Clothier started January 1, 2014. Although based in Seoul, Korea they are licensed and operate out of Pensacola, Florida.

They use traditional tailoring and work along with a cobbler’s workshop. They do ship anywhere in the world and offer free shipping for orders over $1,500.

The GvS Custom Clothier shirts, suits, trousers, sport coats, tuxedos, overcoat, waistcoat and shoes can best be described as functional but necessary luxury.  Their typical customer profile is a successful person who loves finery, but who is also busy and practical.


Prices vary depending on what you purchase, but here an idea of what you might spend from the current GvS price list.

$365 Two Piece Suit to (Fabric Super 120, 150 or 180)
$407 Three Piece Suit (Fabric Super 120, 150 or 180)
$339.15$509.15 Formal Tuxedos
$152.15$237.15 Blazers
$439 100% Cashmere Coats (Full Length)
$329 100% Cashmere Coats (3/4 Length)

Each client creates their individual profile including size preferences which are stored in their data base along with specific customer details in regards to style, color preferences and fabric content. Allowing their clients to place orders from any location around the world.

Snell is also the founder and creator of Gentlemen versus Swag Academy (GvSA)

Gentleman versus Swag Academy (GvSA)

The purpose of GvSA is to create change through young leaders, and to address the deficiencies of empowerment, literacy and economic sustainability.

quoteGvSA will be run on a cycled program to transform young men using post-enlistment/service personnel and civilians to help youth into productive citizenry advocates defined by responsible acts. The majority of the training will involve life skill supplements to counter social decline.

Gentleman vs. Swag Academy is developed to reach young men of all races, cultures and economic backgrounds.

The GvSA program is structured by 14 sessions, including some of the following: Code of Ethics, Personal Wellness, Responses to Authority, Financial Literacy and Employment and career mentoring, and Professional Appearance.

Read more on the GvSA program here.

As I wrap up this GvS business review,  I want to encourage you to pick up a copy of Snell’s new book, Dress Your Way To Success, just click here or on the picture below.  The book is a complete guide to gentlemen wear and appearance.

michael snell dress your way to success book gentlemen versus swag

I got my copy of “Dress Your Way To Success,” did you get yours?


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for more information on the lifestyle of a well rounded gentlemen and custom quality clothing apparel I recommend that you visit GVS Clothiers, my Rising Entrepreneur choice for this week.

For additional information please contact GvS using the details I have provided below.

GvS Contact Information

Website: www.gvsclothier.com
Facebook: facebook.com/gvsclothiers
Twitter: @GVSCustom
Phone: 844-214-1911
Email: [email protected]

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I hope you enjoyed this review of 

Gentlemen versus Swag (GvS)

I will update this review as new information becomes available.

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