If you’re in network marketing and you want to take your business to the next level then you should absolutely know what attraction marketing is and be actively taking steps to implement it.

Attraction marketing is what separates the mediocre network marketers barely making any money to the top recruiters making millions of dollars a year.

attraction marketingIf you’re tired of chasing your friends and family members, posting fliers on phone poles, cold calling leads, and handing out business cards and still unable to make one sale or recruit more than a handful of people then you really need to take time to understand what this is all about.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing (also known as Magnetic Sponsoring or Content marketing) is providing a specific group of people (a niche) with valuable information and resources in order to help them find solutions to a challenge they are struggling with.

Attraction Marketing involves branding yourself as an expert or leader within the network marketing industry.

In other words you become the expert at identifying a problem then providing your target audience with practical solutions to help them overcome that obstacle or problem.

It’s that simple.

Attraction Marketing Video

Attraction marketing focuses on building a connection with the consumer.

When attraction marketing is done correctly it will allow you to become the “hunted rather than the hunter.”

Attraction marketing is for network marketers that prefer to work smarter, instead of harder. It is for the few who want to become leaders in this industry. Who want to walk across the stage, and who want to earn 7-figures. Who want to build a life-long business, instead of an opportunity, and for those who value truth over hype.

In order for attraction marketing to work you will need some sort of marketing system.

The attraction marketing system that I use includes this blog. I created this blog to add value and to help solve the issues that people have within my niche.

That blog has been a total success and now I get new sales every single day without even speaking with the buyer.

attraction marketing

My Final Thoughts on Attraction Marketing

If you are serious about the long term growth of your network marketing business then I highly recommend that you dig deeper and get yourself into some attraction marketing training.

To Your Success!
charles lenoir

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