If Seacret is such a great business opportunity then why we are seeing 95% of Seacret Direct agents failing terribly in the network marketing industry?

Recently several of my colleagues left Seacret Direct despite successfully building their business offline in under 2 years.

The reason they decided to leave should be an eye opener. They left because they realized building a sustainable and profitable business in the network marketing industry isn’t the way it used to be.

Even though they were earning up to 60% off the direct retail price they still had to work each weeknight or weekend with home parties or spa parties.

What’s worse?

Only a handful of people showed causing even more stress for my Seacret Direct friends who thought this opportunity was the best thing than sliced bread.

Unfortunately, they learned that you must order  your own products each month and keep up with their monthly auto-ship.

Once they forgot to place an order and the money was not available for one month in the back while on auto-ship and was charged anyway.

They just couldn’t take anymore failures, and so they walked away and are not even working in direct sales or network marketing anymore.

In fact this exodus is what happens to 95% of the distributors when they decide to join a business opportunity like Seacret…


My friends have not given up on their dream of being successful entrepreneurs. They are working with me now and learning how to actually market and build a profitable business by leveraging the power of the internet.

You are probably asking…

Why so many FAIL


Simple answer, because they lack the marketing skills needed to promote their business and attract leads correctly.

Only a fraction of the population is willing to invest the time and money in their own personal development in order to acquire the necessary skills required to learn lead generation and marketing.

Without learning these skills it is nearly impossible to compete against any competitor in their niche. [top industry leaders know this]

So if you are failing in Seacret Direct it’s not because you are personally doing anything wrong, it’s only that you were taught old school tactics and techniques that don’t give you any kind of competitive advantage.

You can do 10 to 100 parties each month but without marketing and advertising to build a list of qualified and highly targeted leads you’re dead in the water.

Learning The Right Skills That Will Yield Results

List building is the key to growing a successful business, online or offline.

This skill is great to learn because it can be applied to any niche in the marketplace including your Seacret Direct business or any other network marketing business.

Don’t get misled that earning a six figure income requires you to sell doing home parties, home meetings, three way calls or hotel meetings all the time with your Seacret Direct products because that is not true.  

The truth is you will be running out of money coming out of your own pocket before you even see a check that is more than what your paying for in Auto-ship.

Granted the products are great and smell good, even feel good but these products are must less in other department stores with the same ingredients.

The other companies that have not yet adapted to the network marketing business model have been selling them in the mall for years.  

You might have been at the mall once point and someone with a foreign accent asked to give you a free complimentary facial or manicure and you brushed them off.

Yup! that’s them alright and I know this to be true and I experienced this while shopping and noticed the same type of dead sea minerals and salts in their products that cost less!

All I can say is don’t rely on your current training and start expanding your knowledge and increase your value with new skills to market your own brand while your involved in your Seacret Direct business.

You don’t have to fail

You don’t have to have to become a statistic

Let me help you, I can teach you how to recruit more reps nd make more sales….Partner with me now

To Your Success!

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Your comments are welcomed below, if you are a Seacret agent please share your experiences.