important message

From the Desk of Charles Lenoir, Jr

SUBJECT: WANTED- 15 people looking to make $5k/month in 21 days…


I am writing you this letter with a sense of URGENCY because time is running out, so PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

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With the release of this NEW TECHNOLOGY, I’m looking to connect with only 10 people…10 LEADERS that want to make life changing income.

This message is not for everyone. It’s ideal for those that have already branded themselves and positioned as authorities in their industries, and already have a list of prospects and loyal customers, and are ready to GO NEXT LEVEL THIS 2016 YEAR.

Don’t worry! For those of you new to the marketplace, lack marketing skills or don’t have a current contact list I have a 21 DAY GAME PLAN you can follow that can grow your list. But you must be COACHABLE & Willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to create a financial transformation.