People ask me all the time what is my Primary Business?

Well I am in the business of helping others. That’s what I do, I help other affiliate, internet and network marketers position themselves to be leaders in their respective businesses.

I’ve found that two of the biggest “headaches” faced by most network marketers are:

1) Lack of leads [no marketing skill] and 2) Lack of team building [no recruiting skills].

Providing solutions to these common problems is a proven way to build rapport with other people whom are already involved, or interested, in our industry.

When you provide solutions for other people, you establish yourself as a helper. Leaders are helpers and people give you their trust when you show them that you’re a HELPER, not a SALESMAN. Once your prospects begin to TRUST you, they will likely WANT to work with you.


Exactly how can I help YOU?

By sharing with you critical information that you need to know to build your business and put money in your pocket. Over time I learned that there are two things every network marketer MUST DO in order to succeed in this industry:

Number One – Make Sales and Number Two – Create Duplication [Recruit Others!]

If I can teach you, I’ve doubled myself. If we each teach someone else, we’ve doubled again. And as this goes on and on it can produce amazing results in a relatively short period of time!


I had to learn the hard way that RECRUITING is the required skill necessary to create duplication and Residual Income in most network marketing companies.

TIP: Learn how to Recruit and Master the Art of Duplication if you want your pockets to always be FAT!

But let me be honest, most of the people that get into network marketing have zero experience in running a business that requires recruiting skills. Think about it most people that are not sales or marketing professionals but plumbers, truck drivers, postal worker etc.

That’s ok, because everyone can learn these skills!

If you’re currently struggling with network marketing recruiting trust me when I tell you that you’re not alone. When I first started I struggled for months trying to recruit just one person into my network marketing company and many people are in the very same boat you’re in now.

If your looking to boost your network marketing recruiting skills, I HIGHLY recommend you do this…


Blogging will help GROW your business and I discovered the perfect blogging platform/ marketing system for beginners or advanced bloggers.

This system has not only transformed my life personally but the lives of thousands of people in every direct sales and network marketing company in the industry — including people who struggled to sponsor even one single person before.

The training, the marketing tools, and the support inside of this program have helped me generate over 500 fresh leads in the past three months and the best part about is… recruiting people into my business has never been easier!

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To Your Success!

charles lenoir

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