Empower Network has everything you need to run a successful business online.


Empower Network: My #1 Recommendation To Make Money Online

Empower Network hosts one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online in addition to providing educational training products and services to online marketers and start-up, home-based and small businesses.

Empower Network offers six business and marketing software products and tools, including its signature blogging system, video hosting, training and several coaching packages for start-up, home-based, small and medium businesses.


Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., David Wood founded Empower Network in 2011 to empower small-business owners, entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers to learn how to leverage the Internet and technology to get more customers without dealing with the technical, marketing and overhead challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and small-business owners

Alexa.com statistis for Empower Network at the time of this post:

Empower Network  (4 and a bit years)
Global Ranking: 4,899
USA Ranking: 4,329


So far EN has produced 15 New Millionaires. David Wood has a vision to create 100 new millionaires a year.

Global Opportunity–>Empower Network currently has members located all over the world, and is able to do business with nearly 170 countries.

PRODUCTS [All Digital]


Kalatu Blogging System – This is the flagship product for Empower Network. It was designed by marketers, for marketers. It is a WordPress based platform, but without all the techie stuff that comes with building and hosting your own wordpress site. When you buy the Kalatu brand station, it comes out of the “box” ready for marketing. There are two options: Kalatu Basic and Kalatu Premium.

Kalatu Basic -Up to 3 separate blogs for the price of one, 5 Customizable themes included, 21 Day Blogging Challenge Template (if you’ve ever played MadLibs, then you’ll love this feature), leverages the authority of age domains which dramatically increases your chance of ranking in search engines and powerful plugins that enhance your blogging experience with increased functionality. Click here to order KALATU Basic NOW!

Kalatu Premium – If you really want to take your Kalatu blog to the next level, you need this Kalatu Premium upgrade. Kalatu Premium offers a whole new set of tools and features to your existing Kalatu account. With Kalatu Premium, you can create up to 10 Kalatu blogs, access an array of premium plugins (a new one is added every month!). Click here to order KALATU Premium NOW!

NOTE: Many people use their Kalatu blog for personal use, or to market other businesses because it is much quicker, easier and ultimately more affordable than getting a self-hosted blog set up (when you consider everything it takes to set-up and host a blog, such as: monthly hosting fees, design costs, programming costs, and any additional services your outsource such as SEO and anything customized).

The Inner Circle is a collection of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs, to help you put positivity into your brain in your down time. Click here to order the INNER CIRCLE audio series NOW!

The Inner Circle Membership is Entrepreneur Mindset Training.

Top Producer Formula – This course is taught by some of the industries most prolific sponsors in this industry. This program will show you how you can become a top producer in your business by teaching specific selling and advertising techniques. If you are looking to know what others are doing to sponsor up to 3 new customers a day, and a step-by-step application plan you can use to do it too, then Top Producer Formula is a “must have” for you. Click here to order the TOP PRODUCER formula NOW!

The Top Producer is Marketing & Sales Training.

Team Building Formula – This product goes beyond ‘ideas’ and shares with you the actual laws of team building, and how you can apply those fundamental team building laws to your business. When applied, these laws have been able to nearly double, triple and sometimes even quadruple the growth of others teams in record setting time. Click here to order the TEAM BUILDING formula NOW!

The Team Building Formula is Recruiting/Sponsorship and Team Building Training.

Mass Influence Formula – In one word, Powerful! This is our “graduate level” series for those individuals who want the million dollar secrets to accelerate their business and put into action the keys to success. Click here to order the MASS INFLUENCE formula NOW!


Empower Network has a complete training schedule that covers just about every topic at every level throughout the week. Here is an example.

Mon: 5pm-6pm ET, Beginner Club
Tue: 12pm-1pm ET, Elite Club
Tue Dec 29: 9pm ET, Kalatu Premium Q&A WebCast
Wed: 5pm-6pm ET, Beginner Club
Wed: 11am-12pm ET, 6-Figure Builder
Thu: 5pm-6pm ET, Elite Club
Thu: 9pm ET, Empower Webcast

When you join me TODAY you will also become a member of our Private Mastermind group, the Dream Team led by Empower Network’s million dollar ring earner Tracey Walker.


As of January 2014, the Dream Team has grown to well over 10,000 members and still remains recognized as the leading “place to be” when getting started online and aligning with a group of people who care more about it’s members than any other financial benefits…although we take helping people to make money very serious!


quoteThe mission of The Dream Team, powered by Empower Network, is to assemble like-minded, positive entrepreneurs, from varying fields of expertise and knowledge, and provide them with the life, personal development and marketing skills absolutely necessary to achieve massive profits funneling into wealth through the internet marketing portal.

What The Dream Team Has Done So Far:

  • Created multiple 6-figure earners
  • Helped countless members to realize consistent 5-figure income months
  • Been a catalyst in assisting many members to generate enough in monthly income to walk away from their jobs and fire their bosses for good
  • Witnessed successful members being able to pay for their mortgage payments with their online income as well as purchase new (or newer) vehicles so their growing families could ride comfortably.
  • Had earned, not given, representation of our members speaking on stages across the country in front of 1200-1500 people audiences sharing their results and stories.
  • Lended a hand in helping the 55 and older community of entrepreneurs internal to our team recognize their ability to succeed in this online environment and begin building more of a financial nest for retirement
  • And so much more!

The Dream Team conducts weekly new member coaching/training every Saturday, has a private Facebook group and Team Training website.


Empower Network program utilizes the iPAS2 marketing system. iPAS2 Marketing System is a leading edge, revolutionary, all inclusive, prospecting and marketing system for people building an online business.


iPAS internet prospect acceleration systems are designed to help business owners develop more leads and bring more money into their companies. It offers plenty of training features to help businesses find more leads than they ever thought was possible and to create new ways of bringing in income.

In addition to these features, the iPAS 2 system offers support groups and resources for training other members of the business’s team. While the original system was designed for Internet marketers who wanted to sell digital products, iPAS system has been updated to work for all types of businesses looking to market themselves online. So now any business that is looking for new clients can utilize this lead generation program if used properly.


Empower Network has fantastic Customer Service and Support Department and when you have You can speak with a representative Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00pm Eastern Time.

They also have a support blog and knowledge data base that provide answers to a variety of common questions asked from the field.


The Affiliate System is a monthly subscription fee of $19.95.

Approximately thirty thousand individuals avail themselves of Empower Network and its affiliate program, a place where affiliates can earn unheard of commissions off the sales of Empower Network Products.

Affiliate System (optional) – The Affiliate System is not a product, but an administrative fee that activates a member’s affiliate status, if they choose to be an affiliate. Being an Empower Network affiliate is completely optional.

The affiliate status grants a member the right to resell Empower Network products and earn commissions on their sale (when applicable).

Along with the rights to resell EN products, activating the Affiliate System comes with the benefit of an in-house merchant account with Global Payroll Gateway (GPG), unlimited access to all the affiliate resources and tools (sales funnels, join pages, swipe copy emails, promotional banners, etc), and more.

Important: Purchasing products is never a requirement to participate in Empower Network’s compensation plan. The purchase of products does not aid in or guarantee success.


How you qualify to earn commissions (like, ANY commissions)

Before you can even participate in the compensation plan and earn money as an affiliate, you need to qualify to earn commissions. This is completely different from “qualifying” for ranks.

In order to earn any money in Empower Network on a specific product, you need to complete one of the following actions:
A. Buy the product
B. Make one sale of that product, which completely passes up

Basically, you either need to BUY IT or SELL IT to start earning commissions on “it”. “It” refers to any product in the Empower Network system.

Available payout on each product:

30% of each product sale is taken off the top and goes to Empower Network. They use this money to invest in future improvements, systems, and develop their infrastructure.

70% is available as commission to qualified affiliates.

14day-moneyback-guarantee-logo MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

You can cancel at anytime.

No questions. No hassles. No problems.


Get started with a Kalatu Premium + 30 Day Free Affiliate Membership, try it TODAY for 14 days, only $7


Then 14 days after, you’ll be charged $25 (Kalatu Basic) + $72 (Kalatu Premium) every month and 30 days after you’ll be charged $19.95 (Affiliate System) every month, you can cancel at anytime by contacting support at 1-855-912-3464.

I really look forward to building long lasting friendships and partnerships with those of you that see the power of using the internet to build a business and a 6-figure income.

To Our Success
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